Introducing Our Desk Booking System

Positive news of vaccines mean that our economies can see the beginning of the end of the pandemic and can start to plan for the return to the office.

  • Team members need an easy to use desk booking app to book their return to the office on a first come first served basis.
  • Facility Managers need controls over how many people return, and need to rely upon contact tracing capabilities.
  • Workplace Managers are already considering the longer term shift towards a permanently flexible workplace strategy.

Matrix Booking has worked closely with UK Government and Commercial customers globally to develop a 5 Step Plan to returning to the office:

Step 1 – Book Your Physically Distant Desk

Step 1

Control the number of people who return to the office, by limiting the number of bookable desks or access passes per day. The finite resources are provided to staff on a first come, first served basis in our desk booking system. Booking permissions control what teams and departments can use which zones or desks.

Desk availability is configured in a “lattice” style formation on the floorplan, ensuring 2 meter physical distancing between occupants

Step 2 – Complete Pre-Arrival Declaration Form

Ensuring all occupants are aware of policies and requirements before returning to the office is pivotal. When an internal staff member or external visitor is due to return to the office, a pre arrival declaration form is sent to the individual the day before their visit. This declaration informs them of any site specific requirements or details, and this form needs to be digitally signed prior to gaining access to the building.

The declaration can be site specific, providing regional flexibility and configured for staff to read and accept, prior to entering the office.

Step 3 – Receive QR Code For Building Entry

QR codes are sent to internal staff and external visitors who have an active booking. The QR code is proof of an active reservation, and can be used to confirm that the visitor’s declaration has been successfully signed. This QR code can be used as a “Boarding Pass” to re-enter the office. As QR codes are sent to both internal staff and external visitors, this can create a single process to check in all entries to the building.

Step 4 – On Site Check And Building Re-entry

Building visitors can present their QR code at the entrance to the building. This can be scanned by receptionists and security staff using a dedicated admin visitor check in app, or using a self-service kiosk option. QR code check ins will provide a real time count of how many people have entered the building, which will ensure occupancy remains within Covid compliant limits. When the QR code is scanned, it will provide an update regarding the declaration status. The declaration must be taken at the point of entry if it has not been completed. This ensures compliance and agreement with the terms of entry.

Step 5 – Enhanced Contact Tracing

Desk booking, physical check in and recording of declarations provide the data that is needed for contact tracing. Should an internal staff member or external visitor report symptoms to your organisation, it is easy for your system admins to review who else was in the building at the same time as the affected party. This becomes a contact tracing list, whereby HR may inform other colleagues and visitors of a potential exposure. At the end of the day, all desks that have been used would be sanitised and made ready for the next user.

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