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Discover how Matrix Booking’s desk booking software makes it quick and easy for people to book desks – and straightforward for administrators to set up and manage the system precisely the way you need it. 

Matrix Booking desk booking system: at a glance

From external screens to sit/stand desks, employees can quickly and easily find the right hot desk across any of your sites. 

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Help people choose a desk where they’ll be most productive, by seeing its location on a live floor plan. 

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To support visually impaired people, Matrix Booking can list desks, instead of displaying them on a floor plan.

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Employees can discover when colleagues will be in the office, so they can book nearby, or book desks for each other.

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Give people convenient and familiar ways to book desks, using their smartphone or our web portal. 

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As well as improving the accuracy of your occupancy data, this ensures desks that aren’t needed are released.

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Give individuals or teams priority over particular desks, apply approvals processes when people book, and more. 

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Understand how people are using desks, so you can continually adapt and optimise your buildings.

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Finding the right desk

Happy and productive employees need the right workspaces. Matrix Booking’s desk booking solution helps them quickly and easily find the right desk, in the right place, with the right kit.  

Intuitive filters let people specify what they need. This could be anything from a desk offering disabled access, to a sit/stand desk. Employees can select the office they want to work in, and specify whether they need equipment such as a phone, screens, or a keyboard and mouse. 

Results are then displayed on a floor plan, so your employees can see where the desk is and what’s nearby. 

Real-time desk occupancy

Some organisations operate free seating areas in addition to bookable desks. Adding occupancy sensors to the desks in the free seating area enables you to display real-time availability on a floor plan, so that people without bookings can quickly find somewhere to work when they arrive. 


Matrix Booking is committed to making our products and services accessible to all users, and our desk booking software is designed to support people with accessibility requirements, in various ways. 

You can set your system up so that people who need disabled access are only ever shown accessible desks when booking. All employees can filter resources by accessibility, enabling them to book suitable desks for those with accessibility needs. People with visual impairments can set their accounts so that resources are always listed, rather than being shown on a floor plan. Our designers can also optimise your floor plan to make it easier to use for partially sighted people. 

Supporting collaboration

One of the main reasons people go to offices is to meet and collaborate with colleagues. Matrix Booking supports co-working by letting people discover when and where their colleagues have reserved desks, so that they can book nearby. 

People can also book desks for their team, to ensure everyone has somewhere to work on those all-important face-to-face days. With Matrix Bookings team priority solution groups can have prioritised access to book desks before others.

Flexible ways to book

With many organisations adopting flexible working, people now work from a variety of locations, using multiple devices.  

Whatever your working patterns, use Matrix Booking to configure how your employees can book desks. This could be via Outlook, our web app, mobile app for iPhone and Android, interactive meeting room signage, or QR codes. 

Book and check-in via NFC and QR stickers


Our scannable stickers provide a convenient visual reminder right on the desk to prompt people to check-in to a pre-arranged booking or book and check-in on-the-spot. Active bookings can also be ended early to free up the desk for someone else to use.  


QR code check-in system on a desk, being scanned with a mobile phone

Check-in feature to maximise resource availability

If someone books a desk but then can’t make it to the office, you want that desk to be available to others.  

Using Matrix Booking, you can ask people to check in, to confirm they still need their booked desk. This is quick and easy, and can be done via the web, mobile app, scanning a QR code of NFC sticker on a desk, or by clicking a link in the reminder they’re sent at the start of their booking. If they don’t check in within a certain timeframe, it’s assumed the desk isn’t needed, so is freed up for others. 

Check-in can also be linked to your building’s access control system, to unlock a number of further benefits. 

As well as helping maximise desk availability, check-ins provide data that paints a more detailed picture of resource usage in Matrix Booking’s analytics. 

Set custom business rules

You may not want every employee to be able to book every desk. Some may be for certain teams or individuals only. You might want to limit how far in advance employees can book selected desks, or specify booking quotas for certain users. 

Whatever your needs, Matrix Booking’s self-service granular business rules engine lets you set up resources precisely the way you need. It also enables you to implement authorisation flows for certain users or desks, if required.

Easy to administer

The Matrix Booking administration portal is designed to empower facilities management and IT teams to operate the booking system self-sufficiently. We’ll provide training as part of your onboarding, as well as ongoing access to eLearning modules, and comprehensive UK-based support

And to assist busy customers, we also offer Admin as a Service, where our responsive, UK-based team takes care of your platform for you. 

Insights and analytics to optimise your offices

Offices are ecosystems that need to evolve in response to your teams’ needs. Matrix Booking provides powerful insights that show you how people are using desks and other resources. And you can further enhance this booking data if you add occupancy sensors to your estates. 

What are desk occupancy levels like across regions, buildings, floors, and days of the week? Are certain desk types or locations much more popular than others?  

Insights from Matrix Booking help you make tactical and strategic optimisations that can cut costs, make your teams happier, and reduce your environmental impact. 

Experience our desk booking tools in action

The Matrix Booking difference

  • Manage and book any workplace resource
  • Peace of mind from using a mature and well-established product
  • Personalised and proactive support, and a product that will evolve with you
  • Share experiences as part of our workplace management community

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