Office booking, visitor management, and workplace analytics for law firms

Manage and reduce your premises costs, even as your legal business grows, while creating happy, productive, and welcoming workplaces

Use Matrix Booking’s workplace management for law firms to unlock hybrid working, identify opportunities to optimise your buildings for growth, and plan for your next premises. 

You’ll be in good company

Enabling hybrid working in legal services

Offering hybrid working helps your firm attract and retain the best talent. And enabling people to choose and book a variety of workspaces encourages them into the office, by creating an environment where they can be happy and productive. 

Matrix Booking’s office booking software for lawyers enables legal firms to confidently move to hybrid working. 

Legal professional making a desk booking using a mobile phone enabling workplace management for law firms.
An empty desk available to booking using workplace management for law firms.

Grow your business, without expanding your offices

Hybrid working, enabled by Matrix Booking’s desk booking software, means you shift from one-desk-per-person to hot desking, while still giving everyone the assurance they’ll have somewhere suitable to work.  

This unlocks new growth opportunities, because you can hire more people without the cost of expanding your offices. 

Understand your future workspace needs

Long leases and high building costs mean it’s essential you choose your next office space wisely, if you’re to achieve your strategic growth plans. This starts by understanding how your workspaces are being used today.  

Matrix Booking’s powerful workplace analytics give you the insights you need to make informed choices, based on booking and occupancy data. 

An office building showing building occupancy using workplace management for law firms
Inside a busy office showing available collaboration areas for reservation using a workplace management for law firms.

Book any office resource

Modern law firms’ offices offer a range of workspaces and supporting resources. From meeting rooms and collaboration spaces to EV chargers and lockers, Matrix Booking lets your people discover and book any shared workplace resource

White-glove office booking system for legal firms

Alongside self-service booking, Matrix Booking lets your secretaries look after the full colleague and client experience on behalf of their teams – all in one place. 

Using Matrix Booking, they can arrange everything from desks and rooms, to catering and other resources. Our software also includes visitor management for legal firms. 

A lawyer sat at a desk using workplace management for law firms to book an EV charging space on a laptop.
Lawyer in an office looking at workplace management for law firms on a tablet which shows a visitor has arrived.

Visitor management system for law firms

Streamline your visitor experience and give everyone a truly personal welcome. Matrix Booking auto-generates visitor lists, to ensure your reception or front-of-house know who to expect and when. 

They then use Matrix Booking to quickly sign each visitor in, and our system automatically notifies the host that their guest has arrived. 

Explore how else Matrix Booking can help you

Employees can search for desks in any of your buildings or shared hubs, find colleagues, make bookings for their team, and more.

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People can find rooms that meet their needs, including location, facilities, capacity, and accessibility. Add equipment, and other essentials. 

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Efficiently manage visitor sign in systems across your sites, ensuring a secure welcome and clear communication of health and safety procedures.

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Ready-made reports help you keep track of occupancy levels, usage trends, and more, so that you can continually optimise your estates. 

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