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Increase ROI on your buildings and identify opportunities to reduce costs

Globally, average desk occupancy is just 20%. And with a typical desk in London costing £606 a month, forward-thinking organisations are embracing new ways of working that result in much greater ROI from their buildings. 

Matrix Booking enables you to transition from traditional assigned seating to intelligent sharing of resources. And by increasing your person-to-desk ratio, you can reduce estate costs, freeing up vital funds for other purposes. 

Increase ROI by making it simple for people to find and book resources

By making it quick and easy for people to find and book desks, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and other resources – as well as see where colleagues are working or book resources for their team – Matrix Booking helps you encourage people to make more use of your workspaces. 

Man outside of a building using his mobile phone to book a desk in an office
A busy office with two people looking at a laptop to gain insights on workplace analytics and desk occupancy

Make targeted improvements by understanding how people use your buildings

Whether you’re looking to increase returns on investment or reduce costs (or both), you need a good understanding of how your workspaces are being used. Matrix Booking’s resource booking system includes powerful analytics, to help you see where you can make improvements. 

Monitor trends such as occupancy levels, or the popularity of different types of workspace, to help you optimise or rationalise spaces. This could involve consolidating to save money, replacing less-popular workspaces with facilities that see high usage, or sub-letting areas to other organisations. 

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