Facilities and workplace management teams

Operate and refine buildings that support in-person collaboration, while optimising costs

Whether your organisation is hybrid or fully office-based, you’ll want to ensure your buildings are attractive to employees, support exceptional levels of collaboration and productivity, and deliver high ROI. Matrix Booking’s resource booking and monitoring system helps you achieve all this and more.  

Desk and meeting room booking software with powerful analytics

Matrix Booking’s resource booking software encourages people to use your offices more, by making it easy and convenient to find and book any shared resource in your estate – from desks and meeting rooms to lockers and car parking spaces. And to support high in-person productivity and collaboration, employees can also search for colleagues, and book workspaces for their teams. 

Ready-made reports then enable you to monitor how your facilities are being used, so you can make informed decisions on how to optimise your buildings and maximise value for money, both in the short and the longer term.

A busy office with two people looking at a laptop to gain insights on workplace analytics and desk occupancy
A car park with available spaces that can be booked being shown. The car parking spaces are available to be booked using Matrix Booking

Empower your people to find and book any shared resource 

Modern workspaces are all about shared resources. As well as desks and meeting rooms, you may have collaboration or event spaces, electric vehicle chargers, or shared bicycles and e-scooters for people to get around campuses or between sites. 

Matrix Booking’s software lets you set up and manage any resource precisely the way you want it, with highly configurable rules, permissions and authorisation flows. 

Identify opportunities to save money (and the environment) by optimising your buildings and usage 

Matrix Booking’s reports show you trends in the way your facilities are being used. This can bring to light opportunities to optimise your estates to better support and respond to hybrid working – with all the financial and environmental benefits this can entail.  

Are certain resource types always fully booked, while others sit largely unused? Withdrawing the less-popular resources and adding more high-demand workspaces can increase building ROI and boost people’s productivity. 

Or you may see that occupancy is much lower on certain days than others. This is a chance to close off certain parts of your buildings during quiet periods, enabling you to reduce your heating, cooling, lighting, and cleaning costs. This will also have big environmental benefits. 

Outside an office building with a screen showing building occupancy over the week
Women scanning a pass at an office access control system. The booking has been confirmed and she is able to enter the building.

Meet your health and safety obligations

Integrate Matrix Booking with your access control system, to see who’s in the building and where they’re booked to be working. This means you can ensure you have sufficient fire wardens and first-aiders in each area, for example. 

And by using Matrix Booking for visitor management, you can display important safety information when people check in, and record their response. You’ll also have an electronic list of visitors in your building, to help ensure everyone has got out safely in an emergency. 


You’ll be in good company

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