Resource booking for local government

Desk and meeting room booking system supporting One Public Estate

Be part of the network of local government organisations using Matrix Booking to set up and run modern, consolidated or shared workplaces that their teams love. And by helping reduce building costs, you can free up funds for front-line public services.

You’ll be in good company

Meeting modern local authorities’ needs

Many of today’s public sector workers split their time between different locations, based on what they’re doing and who they’re working with. Modern workplaces need to support this, offering the right blend of work settings and other resources, some of which may be shared with other organisations, such as the NHS or emergency services. 

Matrix Booking empowers you to set up your workplaces to suit your unique needs, so your people can find and book workspaces and other resources quickly and easily. 

Introducing Matrix Booking’s resource booking system for councils and local government 

Empower people in your organisation to find and book anything from desks for themselves or their team, through to meeting rooms, parking spaces, lockers or other shared resources. 

Track building occupancy and utilisation, to feed into your longer-term estates planning, and ensure you continue to provide optimised workplaces where people choose to come to collaborate.

Staffordshire county council logo

Desk booking made easy …

“The introduction of the Matrix Booking desk booking system […] couldn’t have been simpler. From day one, colleagues were able to go into the system and book desks. It has been a critical factor in positive cultural change here at Staffordshire County Council, with colleagues engaging quickly with the system”

Pamela Moffat – Senior Organisational Development Business Partner, Staffordshire County Council

Support team collaboration

One of the main reasons people come to offices is to meet and collaborate with colleagues. Matrix Booking helps teams make the absolute most of their time on-site, by making it easy to find co-workers, book for the team, and more. 

Running a shared government hub?

Hub operators can use Matrix Booking to securely share meeting rooms and other spaces among tenants, and monitor usage via our analytics. 

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Employees can search for desks in any of your buildings or shared hubs, find colleagues, make bookings for their team, and more.

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People can find rooms that meet their needs, including location, facilities, capacity, and accessibility. Add equipment, and other essentials. 

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Safely manage visitors across your sites, ensure people are welcomed when they arrive, and that they’re aware of your health and safety procedures.

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Ready-made reports help you keep track of occupancy levels, usage trends, and more, so that you can continually optimise your estates. 

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