The main EDF training campus is based at Cannington Court, a historic 12th-century building in Exeter. The venue is based over two sites and also hosts conferences and includes restaurants, bars and 55 on-site bedrooms, which are made available to guests attending large events.

EDF wanted to integrate a booking system that would efficiently manage every part of what the centre offers and link reservations for guests staying at the venue to the conference they were attending.


EDF wanted a system that would manage the conference rooms, car parking and bedrooms following the same simple process used for booking meeting rooms.

They needed the ability to book everything together, which was a new challenge for the Matrix Booking team and very different to the typical office-based solution.

Everything in one place

If EDF is hosting a four-day conference for 50 delegates and three conference rooms are needed, most attendees will also require accommodation. By using Matrix Booking, EDF can book all the necessary facilities under one booking – at a later date and once the list of participants is confirmed, each person is allotted a room and sent a confirmation email.

Matrix Booking was extended to include transportation reservations, so seats on the shuttle bus from Bristol airport could be reserved. As the project develops, delegates will eventually be able to book their place on a course, a car parking space or a seat on the bus – all via the App on their phone.


The EDF Training Campus now offers attendees a fully immersive experience with all relevant bookings accessible via the Matrix Booking App. Visitors to the venue can view scheduled appointments and travel arrangements in the same place. Sarah Hazeldine, EDF Energy Campus Business Manager, said: “The Keytree team took time to understand our vision for Cannington Court as an innovative training facility. The Matrix Booking suite has proven to be the ideal tool to help manage all of our resources including meeting rooms, accommodation, and transport bookings.”

Sarah explained that the introduction of Matrix Booking had allowed the total reinvention of how the centre operates, adding: “Being able to co-innovate has enabled us to produce a unique user experience via a personalised app and we are working towards introducing live travel tracking and Fitbit devices providing our delegates with a fantastic experience.”

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Help to mange a wide range of resources…

“The team took their time to understand our vision of an innovate training facility. The Matrix Booking suite has proven to be the ideal tool to help manage all of our resources including meeting rooms, accommodation and transport bookings.”

Sarah Hazeldine – Energy Campus Business Manager, EDF

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