Desk and meeting room booking app for iPhone and Android

Give your employees the freedom to book desks, meeting rooms and more, wherever they are, using the Matrix Booking mobile booking app for iOS and Android.  

Matrix Booking mobile app: at a glance

Employees can find the right desk or room across any of your sites, and book in a few taps, from wherever they happen to be. 

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By linking with your Microsoft 365 system, the app will check whether attendees being added to a meeting are available at the proposed time. 

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When you set up other types of resources in Matrix Booking, such as car parking spaces, people can book these from the app as well. 

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When choosing a room in the app, people can select their preferred setup. If someone needs catering or other equipment, this can also be added.  

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Employees who need the same resources on a regular basis can save time by setting their bookings to recur. 

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The app enables people to check in when they get to their booked desk, room or other resource.

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Someone may not need a resource for as long as expected. They can end their booking early in the app, to free up the resource for someone else. 

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Anyone using the app can update selected details associated with their account, including their preferred work site. 

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Make and manage bookings

Whether someone needs to book a desk, meeting room, car parking space or other shared resource, the Matrix Booking iOS or Android mobile apps provide a convenient way to find and book the right resources in the right places. 

Set search criteria, such as the office location, desk or workspace facilities, or whether there’s disabled access. View results in a list or a floorplan, see a photo of the workspace, and book, all from within the app. 

And if plans change, employees can amend or cancel bookings in the app as well. 

Check colleague availability with Microsoft 365 integration 

Matrix Booking can link seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 system. Among many benefits, this shows anyone organising a meeting via the Matrix Booking app whether their internal invitees are available, by checking their Microsoft 365 calendars in the background. 

Room layouts and other equipment

Rooms can be set up in different ways, to facilitate specific types of meeting or event. Your facilities and workplace management team can pre-set a variety of layouts for each space, and meeting organisers then choose which they want in the Matrix Booking app.  

Employees can also add meeting resources such as catering or IT equipment, direct from the app.

Check in (and out) to maximise resource availability

If someone books a desk or room but then can’t make it to the office, you want that resource to be made available to others.  

Using Matrix Booking, you can ask people to check in when they get to their booked desk. This can be done via mobile, the web, or a link in a reminder email. If they don’t check in within a certain time, it’s assumed the desk or room is no longer needed, so is freed up for others. 

And if someone finishes early, they can end their booking in a few taps, to free the resource up for others to use. 

Check-in also creates a much more realistic understanding of resource usage across your organisation, enabling you to make more-informed decisions when it comes to optimising your buildings. 

Repeat bookings

Whether it’s a desk to work at every day, or a meeting room for a weekly team get-together, lots of bookings will need to repeat at varying intervals. People using the Matrix Booking app can set any booking they make to recur. 

Update account details

Employees can access and change selected account details via the Matrix Booking app. This can include cost codes, their nickname and their phone number. They can also set their default search location, which is ideal for any organisation operating multiple sites, but where certain employees tend to just work from one location. 

a lady outside an office using her mobile phone to update her account details in Matrix Booking

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Employees can search for desks in any of your buildings or shared hubs, find colleagues, make bookings for their team, and more.

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People can find rooms that meet their needs, including location, facilities, capacity, and accessibility. Add equipment, catering, and other essentials. 

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Efficiently manage visitor sign in systems across your sites, ensuring a secure welcome and clear communication of health and safety procedures.

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Powerful reports help you keep track of occupancy levels, usage trends, and more, so that you can continually optimise your estates. 

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