Workplace analytics and reporting

Workplace analytics gives you a clear picture of how people are using your buildings and resources, so you can make intelligent optimisations that help your employees collaborate more effectively, increase returns on estate spend, reduce your environmental impact, and save money.  

Increase building ROI and team productivity

Encourage people to make more use of your buildings, by intelligently tailoring workspaces to meet your teams’ evolving needs. 

Matrix Booking’s workplace analytics shows you occupancy and utilisation for each building, floor, zone, room or desk, across a variety of time periods. See how long different teams are spending in the building, and utilisation levels for different resource types. 

These insights (and many others) help you decide what kinds of workspace you need more of, and which can be reduced or replaced. 

Understand people’s working patterns 

How many people are coming to each site, on what days, and how long for? Which departments or teams are using your buildings, and what types of workspace are they booking?  

When are your offices busiest? Are there times when you don’t have enough resources? 

Matrix Booking’s workplace analytics shows you all of this and more. 

Unlock fast cost reductions and environmental improvements 

Use the reports in Matrix Booking to see whether certain floors or areas are only lightly used at certain times.  

If they are, this is an opportunity to switch off lighting, heating, and cooling, to immediately cut costs and energy usage. Quiet areas also require less cleaning, meaning you can adjust schedules to further reduce costs and your environmental impact. 

Save big by rationalising your estate

Insights from Matrix Booking can also highlight opportunities to unlock larger savings. Low utilisation levels may mean you can reduce the amount of space you’re leasing, or sublet sections of your sites to other organisations. 

Matrix Booking workplace insights: at a glance

Workplace analytics within desk booking software icon
Micro-and-macro-level data

See booking, utilisation, and other data across your estates, then drill down to see individual regions, buildings, floors, zones, rooms, and desks. 

Report on any resource type icon
Report on any resource type

As well as desks and meeting rooms, Matrix Booking lets you set up and report on custom resources, which could be gym equipment, 3D printers, and more.

graphical and tabular views of data icon
Graphical and tabular views of data

Explore data via intuitive dashboards and reports, with a blend of graphical and tabular data. 

browse data over time to spot trends icon
Browse data over time, to spot trends

Take a step back and explore data over longer periods, to look for trends. 

check-in with sensors icon
Add data from sensors or QR codes

Gain richer occupancy and utilisation insights by adding occupancy sensors or scannable stickers to your desks.

visitor reports icon
Visitor reports

See who’s been in your buildings, when they checked in and out, who they were visiting, and more, as part of Matrix Booking’s visitor management reports. 

custom reports using admin as a service icon
Custom reports

Matrix Booking includes powerful reports as standard. If you need something extra, our in-house data scientists can create custom reports and dashboards.

Export data and reports for workplace analytics icon
Export data and reports

You can export reports from Matrix Booking as PDF files, or output the underlying data as an Excel or CSV file. 

See our workplace analytics system in action

Explore how Matrix Booking can help you

Employees can search for desks in any of your buildings or shared hubs, find colleagues, make bookings for their team, and more. 

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People can find rooms that meet their needs, including location, facilities, capacity, and accessibility. Add equipment, catering, and other essentials.

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Let people book anything from parking spaces and EV chargers to shared bikes or even custom resources. Matrix Booking gives you the flexibility to set up and manage any kind of shared resource. 

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Safely and efficiently manage visitors across your sites, ensure people are welcomed when they arrive, and that they’re aware of your health and safety procedures. 

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