Higher education building with university scheduling software.

College and university desk and room reservation system 

Make it easy for your staff to book desks, rooms, and other resources at any of your sites

Support productive hybrid working in higher education, while freeing up valuable space for teaching with our university scheduling software.

You’ll be in good company

University desk booking software that gives your teams greater flexibility 

Give your professional, managerial, and administration teams the flexibility to choose where and how they work. Some days they may need a desk in one office. Another day, they might need a collaboration space at another of your sites. 

Matrix Booking’s desk and room scheduling software for colleges and universities lets your people discover and book the right workspaces for themselves and their colleagues, based on what they’ll be doing each day. 

Empty desk within an office with a laptop on the desk. desk is shown as available in Matrix Booking's desk booking system.
A busy office with two people looking at a laptop to gain insights on workplace analytics and desk occupancy

University scheduling software that unlocks more rooms for teaching

Academic space is nearly always in short supply. The shift to hybrid working offers a unique opportunity to turn under-used offices into much-needed teaching rooms, by reducing the number of desks you require. 

Matrix Booking’s university and college desk booking software makes this possible. Our resource scheduling system for higher education gives staff easy ways to find and reserve the right workspace, and provides powerful analytics that show how desks and rooms are being used. 

Supporting happy and productive teams in higher education

One of the main reasons people now come to the office is to meet and collaborate with colleagues. Matrix Booking encourages these in-person interactions. 

Staff can discover when and where others have booked desks, and make hot desk reservations for their team. There are also intuitive ways for people to explore and book meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and event venues. 

Team collaborating within an office, searching for colleagues using a laptop and desk booking software
Empty office showing custom business rules in resource management software

Designed for campuses and multi-site education estates

Many colleges and universities operate multiple buildings and sites. Matrix Booking’s higher education room reservation system makes it easy for you to operate these large estates effectively. 

Empower your staff to find and book desks, rooms, and other resources across any of your sites. And if you need more granular control, our business rules engine lets you specify who can book what, and where. 

Share buildings with other organisations?

Resource-sharing is becoming increasingly common between like-minded organisations. If you’re considering sharing your campuses and buildings with others – such as the NHS or partner organisations – Matrix Booking lets you securely share meeting rooms and other spaces, manage visitors, and monitor usage via our powerful reports

A women entering an office building using access control system showing building use in terms of office occupancy

Explore how else Matrix Booking can help you

Staff can search for desks in any of your buildings or shared estates, search for colleagues, make bookings for their team, and more. 

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People can find rooms that meet their needs, including location, capacity, facilities and accessibility, and add additional equipment and services associated with rooms.

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One of the main reasons people go to offices is to meet and collaborate with colleagues. Matrix Booking supports collaboration by showing people when their colleagues are in and where they’re working.

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Powerful reports help you keep track of occupancy levels, usage trends and more, so that you can continually adapt and optimise your academic estates. 

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