Managing your desk and room booking system

Desk and room booking system administration is made easy with Matrix Booking. Empowering facilities and workplace management teams to efficiently operate any size of estate.  

Administering Matrix Booking: at a glance 

Add desks, meeting rooms and other resources to your floor plans, using our intuitive, visual interface. 

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Provide employees with details about a building, such as its address, nearest public transport, opening hours, and photos. 

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Give certain individuals or teams access to particular desks or areas, apply approvals processes when people book, and more. 

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Synchronise with Microsoft Active Directory, or use SCIM to keep users aligned with your user management system. 

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Give people localised control, by granting certain users permission to administer selected resources. 

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Draw on existing security details for groups, teams and departments from your Active Directory system to control permissions. 

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If you’d prefer not to sync with AD, you can set up and manage security, domain and user groups within the application.  

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Eliminate the need for people to remember multiple passwords. Matrix Booking can link in with your corporate single sign-on system. 

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Designed to empower facilities management teams  

Matrix Booking has been designed in close collaboration with facilities management professionals, to empower them to operate any size of estate self-sufficiently. Using our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, facilities teams can do anything from tweaking the settings for a single desk, to adding whole new buildings and the multitude of resources they contain. 

We’ll train your teams as part of your onboarding, and our UK-based support centre is then on hand to answer any questions regarding desk and room booking system administration and more.

Quickly create and update buildings

Matrix Booking’s estate editor helps you quickly add new regions, campuses, buildings and floors to your estate, or update existing ones. Upload floor plans, then map your desks, meeting rooms and other resources onto them. 

Add in building information to help people choose the right place to work. What is the address? Where is the nearest public transport? When is the building open? Can they book catering? And what other facilities are available on site? 


Manage large numbers of resources with ease 

Sometimes, facilities managers will need to make the same change across a group of resources. Matrix Booking lets them build intuitive hierarchies of resources, and apply settings and rules across the groups they create. 

So, when they decide to move a bank of desks from one floor to another, alter which employees can book those desks, or apply a new rule to every resource in a building, they can reflect these changes in Matrix Booking in a matter of seconds. 

Set up rules and permissions precisely the way you want them 

You may not want every employee to be able to book every resource. Some may be for certain teams or individuals only. You might want to limit how far in advance employees can book selected desks or rooms, or specify booking quotas for certain users. 

Whatever your needs, Matrix Booking’s granular business rules engine lets your facilities managers set up resources precisely the way you need. It also enables them to implement prioritisation and approval flows for certain users or resources, if required. 


Regional and local administrators

While your central facilities management team can monitor and manage every resource in your organisation, you may also want to grant limited resource management rights to selected people. 

A building manager, for example, only needs access to the resources on their site. Or you might want the PA to your executive team to be able to administer a couple of meeting rooms. 

Matrix Booking gives you granular control over which resources any given admin user can manage. 

Integrate with corporate single sign-on (SSO)

Let people log into Matrix Booking using the same details they already use for your other IT systems. Matrix Booking integrates with your corporate single sign-on system, either via OAuth 2.0 or SAML 2.0. This also enables you to implement multi-factor authentication when people log into Matrix Booking, using your corporate identity provider. 

Understand how people are using your facilities 

Matrix Booking includes powerful insights and analytics, showing how people are using your facilities. This helps facilities management teams continually optimise their estates to cut costs, increase team productivity and reduce their environmental impact. 

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