Empowering organisations to create a safe and flexible working environment

Working with customers to manage workplace resources and advise on the best strategies for preparing a return to the office. Our solutions include desk booking software, meeting room booking, flow and visitor management.

Return to the Office

Desk Booking

Woman making a desk booking on her phone

Hassle free desk booking
Find and book a desk on-the-go with our easy to use mobile app or quickly and easily on your desktop.

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Meeting Room Booking

No-nonsense meeting room booking
Empty meeting rooms and wasted time struggling to find a place to meet are a thing of the past with Matrix Booking.

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Flow Management

State-of-the-art functionality keeping your workforce safe
Enabling your organisation to manage the flow of people to and through a building, avoid overcrowding and ensure physical distancing.

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Visitor Management

A superior, streamlined and personalised experience
Organising and consolidating your front of house operations, integrating seamless visitor management into your business, elevating the visitor management experience.

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Cross-org Hubs

Open and secure sharing of resources
Matrix Booking is at the heart of the largest and most innovative shared office networks running today, resulting in huge cost savings, improved efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Hardware & Services

Sensor, Outlook, Office 365, Video Conferencing integration and more!
Matrix Booking offers a range of unrivalled functionality and hardware options based on your specific requirements and budget.

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June 1, 2023 in Blog, Events, Healthcare, Resource Booking

NHS Property 2023 – 8th November 2023 (London)

NHS Facilities Management Conference: 9th November 2023 (London) The NHS Facilities Management Conference: Advancing Soft Facilities Management in Healthcare is taking place in London on Thursday 9th November 2023. The…
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May 2, 2023 in Blog, Cross-sector Partnerships, Flexible Working, Healthcare, Insight, Workplace Management

Resource management challenges in the healthcare industry

Resource management challenges in the healthcare industry Flexible working in Healthcare The global Covid pandemic forced a seismic shift in working practices across every organisation in every sector. The adoption of…
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April 25, 2023 in Blog, Events, Flexible Working, Government Hubs, Hybrid and Hubs Panel, Insight

Local Authority Property and Estates 2023: Hybrid and hubs panel

Local Authority Property and Estates 2023: Hybrid and hubs panel Matrix Booking had the pleasure of running another Hybrid and hubs panel discussion at the Local Authority Property and Estates…
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March 6, 2023 in Blog, Flexible Working, Government, Hybrid and Hubs Panel, Insight

NHS Estates and Facilities Conference: Hybrid and hubs panel

NHS Estates and Facilities Conference: Hybrid and hubs panel Matrix Booking ran an insightful Hybrid and hubs panel discussion at the NHS Estates & Facilities Conference on March 1st 2023 run by Convenzis. The…
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