Smarter visitor management system for the modern office

Give your visitors a warm welcome and a better sign-in experience, by replacing outdated paper visitor books with Matrix Booking’s efficient and easy-to-use visitor management system for the office. 

And as well as benefiting your visitors, our visitor management system helps you meet your security and health and safety requirements. 

check-in screen for a building reception and visitor management

Matrix Booking visitor management solution: at a glance

When an employee invites an external attendee to a meeting in Matrix Booking, the person’s details are added to your visitor list.

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Your front desk gets a curated view of the visitor list, so they can welcome guests by name when they arrive. 

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Visitors can log in on a self-service kiosk using a QR code, passcode, or their name, or be signed in by reception. 

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Manage visitors in shared buildings, with a special reception view that collates selected visitor information from all organisations on the site. 

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Some buildings may not have a reception desk. Matrix Booking offers flexible ways to manage visitors at these sites. 

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Protect people’s data and your reputation, with powerful security controls.

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The electronic visitor list in Matrix Booking’s visitor management system ensures you’ve always got an up-to-date record of who’s in your building, which can be accessed from anywhere.

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Get detailed insights into who’s been to your sites, and who’ll be visiting in the future. 

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Busy reception desk for a shared office building using visitor management system for the office to sign guests into the building.

Great visitor experiences

Make the right impression, by giving visitors a frictionless experience from the moment they’re invited to your site, to the moment they leave.  

Welcome all your visitors by name, thanks to the curated visitor list view for front-of-house teams, linked to bookings in Matrix Booking.  

Sign-in is as easy as scanning a QR code, or tapping in a passcode, which are sent to visitors before they arrive. Automated notifications ensure hosts know as soon as their guests turn up, so they can come to meet them right away. 

Sign-out is just as quick, with visitors simply re-scanning their QR code or tapping in their details. 

GDPR-compliant visitor management

Our visitor management system for offices protects the visitor data you collect, with powerful security controls to restrict what employees can access, what data is stored, and how long you keep it.  

This enables you to meet your data protection responsibilities, while still sharing appropriate information with the right teams to ensure your visitors enjoy a great experience when they come to your sites. 

Busy office environment with an anonymised visitor list taken from visitor management system for office.

Shared building receptions

If you have a building that’s home to multiple organisations, with a single reception desk, Matrix Booking’s visitor management system includes a shared reception view that combines selected visitor information from all those organisations. 

This ensures your reception team can efficiently check visitors in across any organisation in the building. 

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No visitor reception? No problem

Not every organisation or site has a reception desk. With Matrix Booking’s visitor management system for offices, you can manage visitors at these locations either using a self-service welcome kiosk, or by allowing employees to add and check in their own visitors. 

team sat around a meeting table looking at a shared laptop displaying visitor management system for the office.
Lady entering an office reception, screen shows an important welcome message portraying health and safety messaging within visitor management system for office.

Health, safety and security for your visitors

Keep your people and buildings safe. Matrix Booking’s detailed electronic visitor logs mean you always know who’s expected, who’s on-site, and who’s visited historically.  

Display important information to visitors when they check in, such as your security or health and safety policy, and ask people to agree to declarations, if required. 

Visitor management system analytics

Matrix Booking’s analytics platform gives you powerful insights around your organisation’s visitors. 

Authorised users can see visitor lists for a given day, week or other period, both historically and in the future. These include the person’s name, the building or site they’re visiting, and when they’re due. For historical visitors, the reports also show when they were checked in and out, and who by. 

There are also graphical reports showing the number of visitors you had (or are due to have) in a given period. 

Reception, A lady welcoming a male visitor to the office. The visitor is signing in via a display. The screen shows the number of visitors over the month using Matrix Booking's workplace analytics and visitor management system for office.

Frictionless visitor management with Matrix Booking: how it works

1. Your visitor list is compiled automatically

When an employee adds an external invitee to a meeting in Matrix Booking they’re automatically added to your visitor list for the day. This list includes details of who’s invited them, when they’re due to arrive, the times they checked in and out, and other important information. 
If someone arrives and isn’t on the visitor list, your employees or front-desk team can add the visitor’s details independently of a booking. This is ideal when you have contractors visiting your sites, for example.

2. Send out sign-in details

Many organisations streamline sign-in using passcodes or QR codes. Matrix Booking automatically generates these codes, and sends them out to guests ahead of their visit. 

3. Welcome visitors to your site

Selected information from the visitor list can be displayed for your reception, security or car park teams, to ensure they know who’s coming, and are ready to welcome them.

4. Easy check-in process

Visitors sign in at reception, either with your front-of-house team, or using an electronic sign-in system, such as a self-service tablet or kiosk-based visitor management system.  

Choose how guests sign in. This could be using the QR code or passcode you’ve sent, or with using their name and company details. 

If you need to display health and safety information, or require visitors to agree to declarations before entering the building, this can be done as part of check-in. 

5. Automatically notify their host

When a visitor checks in at reception, their host will receive an automatic alert, so they know it’s time to come and meet them.

6. Quick check-out

At the end of their visit, guests can quickly sign out, by scanning their QR code, or typing in their name and company details. If someone forgets to do this on their way out, your reception team can also manually mark them as signed out. 

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