Meeting rooms booking system for modern workspaces

In a world of hybrid working, one of the main reasons people come to offices is to meet and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and business partners.  

Help them discover the variety of workspaces you have available, or search based on specific criteria. Then allow people to book the right spaces in a few clicks, and add other resources they need for their meeting or workshop. 

You’ll be in good company

How to find and book meeting rooms with Matrix Booking

People can search for and book meeting rooms and other workspaces across your estates, based on size, facilities, accessibility, location, and more.

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Your employees can select the setup they need when they book, so you can ensure the room is ready. 

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Boost productivity and team happiness by enabling people to book catering and other resources, for their meetings. 

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Employees can book spaces via Outlook, our meeting room booking app for web or smartphone, using meeting room signage or QR codes. 

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Explore our meeting room booking system in depth


Unlock a range of benefits by integrating with your Microsoft 365 system. 

Add Teams meetings, and display joining links on in-room equipment. 

Check room availability and make bookings, using the signage outside each workspace or event space.  

Meeting room in use, showing room occupancy analytics available in Matrix Booking's meeting rooms booking system.

Meeting room booking analytics

Powerful reports show you how and when rooms and other spaces are being used, so you can continually adapt and optimise your buildings to support your teams’ productivity and happiness, increase returns on investment and reduce costs. 

Find and book the right meeting room 

Matrix Booking’s meeting room booker makes it simple for people to find the right space for their meeting, workshop, or event. Employees can search on a calendar or floor plan, using filters to specify the type of workspace they need. They can then see photos of the space, and select the setup they want. 

And our Outlook add-in or Outlook 365 integration, will show a list of suitable rooms based on the proposed meeting time.  

Matrix Bookings team priority solution also gives groups prioritised access to book meeting rooms before opening them up to others.

Meeting being held inside a meeting room within an office, Screen shows real-time meeting room booking availability to help employees find and book the right meeting room or workspace using Matrix Bookings' meeting rooms booking system.
Lunch time team meeting being held. Showing the option to add catering and other resources to a meeting room booking within Matrix Booking meeting rooms booking system.

Make meetings more comfortable and productive 

Some meetings require catering, additional equipment, or other resources, to ensure attendees can be as comfortable and productive as possible. Matrix Booking lets meeting organisers conveniently add extras to their room bookings – all in one place. 

Manage combination rooms

If you’ve got larger rooms that can be divided into multiple smaller spaces, Matrix Booking makes it simple to set these up and manage them. Employees can select which of the rooms they need, and any that become unavailable as a result, are blocked out.  

Your facilities management team gets a notification, so they can adjust partition walls, and you can associate a setup time with this changeover, to ensure rooms are ready when people need them. 

Meeting within an office and a meeting room, team looking at a flow chart on a board. Meeting rooms can be booked online using Matrix Booking rooms booking system.
A meeting room within an office full of people. screen shows availability to book the meeting room. for that day using meeting rooms booking system.

Committed to accessibility

We’re committed to making sure our products and services can be used by everyone, and our meeting room booking software is designed to support people with accessibility requirements

Add interactive meeting room signage

Add touchscreen displays outside your meeting rooms and other workspaces, showing room availability, providing check-in and check-out capabilities, and offering an easy way to book the space on the spot. 

A meeting room sign displaying Matrix Booking meeting rooms booking system.

Maximise room availability

People’s plans can change. If someone doesn’t need a room they’ve reserved, it can automatically be released for others if the person who made the booking doesn’t check in. 

Apply sophisticated business rules and approval processes

Some meeting rooms may be reserved for a particular team or business unit. Others may only be bookable 24 hours in advance. And there may be others where bookings need to be authorised. 

Whatever your needs, Matrix Booking’s meeting room manager software includes a powerful rules engine that lets you set permissions around room and workspace bookings, so that they operate precisely the way you need them to, right across your organisation. 

a meeting room showing business rules

The Matrix Booking difference

  • Manage and book any workplace resource
  • Peace of mind from using a mature and well-established product
  • Personalised and proactive support, and a product that will evolve with you
  • Share experiences as part of our workplace management community

User-friendly and efficient resource management…

“The Matrix Booking platform is a very user-friendly system. It is very efficient too, as the bookings can also be made via the mobile app. Navigating through the system is easy and the Matrix Booking staff are super-helpful. They are so prompt in responding and extremely professional. I would highly recommend their platform.”

Deyana Bozhanova – Office Manager, Forensic Risk Alliance

Explore how else Matrix Booking can help you

Employees can search for desks in any of your buildings or shared hubs, find colleagues, make bookings for their team, and more. 

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Let people book anything from parking spaces and EV chargers to shared bikes or even custom resources. Matrix Booking gives you the flexibility to set up and manage any kind of shared resource. 

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Efficiently manage visitor sign in systems across your sites, ensuring a secure welcome and clear communication of health and safety procedures.

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Powerful reports help you keep track of occupancy levels, usage trends, and more, so that you can continually optimise your estates. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is a meeting room booking system?

Meeting rooms are scarce resources, and a meeting room booking system ensures your employees can find and reserve the right space for their meeting, across any of your offices. 

Matrix Booking’s meeting room booking software helps people discover the variety of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces you have available, and search based on specific criteria. 

Discover more about Matrix Booking’s meeting room booking software  

How do you manage meeting room bookings?

Employees can make and manage their own meeting room and collaboration space bookings via the Matrix Booking web app, mobile app, or Microsoft Outlook. 

You can also set the system up so that people can reserve and manage meeting room bookings on behalf of others, the way your management team’s PA may wish to do. 

Explore meeting room booking in Matrix Booking

How do I request a meeting room?

Your employees can book a meeting room in Matrix Booking via our web app, mobile app, or Microsoft Outlook. You can also set the system up so that people can request a meeting room on behalf of others, the way your management team’s PA may wish to do. 

Learn more about booking meeting rooms with Matrix Booking

Do you offer booking for other resources?

Great question, and yes, we do!  

Modern workplaces include so much more than desks and meeting rooms. With Matrix Booking, if you can imagine it, you can book and manage it. 

Learn more about booking any office resource

Does Matrix Booking integrate with Outlook?

Yes it does! It also integrates with Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams. 

Learn more about integrating Matrix Booking with your Microsoft productivity tools

Do you offer digital room signage?

Yes! Adding digital signage to your meeting rooms and collaboration spaces makes it simpler for people to find a space for an ad hoc meeting, make a booking, and more. 

We can integrate with your existing building signage, or you can opt for the simplicity of having your signage and room booking system from the same provider, by using our Hardware as a Service option. 

Learn more about Hardware as a Service from Matrix Booking

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