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Give your visitors a great experience, from the minute they’re invited to site, to the moment they leave.

Matrix Booking’s visitor management system for the office can be used across single-occupancy and shared buildings, and offers a range of tools to help keep everyone safe. 

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Why customers love Matrix Booking’s visitor management solution

Offer visitors a frictionless, supported journey, so they can focus fully on the reasons they’re coming to your site.

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Use our visitor sign-in system in any building – whether you have your own front desk, a shared reception, or no front-of-house at all.

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Replace outdated paper visitor books with auto-generated digital visitor lists, and display safety information on arrival.

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Matrix Booking’s visitor management software includes powerful analytics for detailed reporting. 

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Busy reception desk for a shared office building using visitor management system for the office to sign guests into the building.

Give every visitor a great experience

Curated reception views that enable front-of-house to welcome everyone personally, intuitive digital sign-in options, and automated host alerts, all combine to provide a frictionless journey for every visitor. 

Manage visitors into any building

Matrix Booking’s visitor management system can be used across any type of site, including those with dedicated receptions, shared front desks, or no front-of-house.  

Choose from a variety of ways to sign visitors in, either self-service or assisted. 

Busy office environment with an anonymised visitor list taken from visitor management system for office.
Lady entering an office reception, screen shows an important welcome message portraying health and safety messaging within the visitor management system for the office.

Keep everyone safe

Digital visitor lists mean your health and safety team always knows who’s in the building, and can access this information from anywhere. 

And as visitors sign in, display important safety information, or ask them to sign declarations. 

Visitor management analytics

Matrix Booking’s office visitor management software includes powerful analytics, showing details of historical and future visits. 

Reception, A lady welcoming a male visitor to the office. The visitor is signing in via a display. The screen shows the number of visitors over the month using Matrix Booking's workplace analytics and visitor management system for office.

The Matrix Booking difference

  • Manage and book any workplace resource
  • Peace of mind from using a mature and well-established product
  • Personalised and proactive support, and a product that will evolve with you
  • Share experiences as part of our workplace management community

Frequently asked questions

What is a visitor management system?


A visitor management system is a piece of software or process used to:

  • make sure only approved people can access your site, building, or office
  • allow your visitors to check in and check out
  • maintain a log of your visitors
  • give declarations to your visitors to sign (for example, health and safety)
  • send hosts notifications to let them know that their visitor has arrived

A visitor management system records visitor information, such as their name, contact information, the reason for their visit, and the times of their arrival and departure. This is done by your visitor manually logging their visit into an Excel spreadsheet, a visitor guestbook, or a digital platform, such as a visitor sign-in kiosk.

Typical visitor management systems contain visitor check-in software that allows visitors to check-in, check-out, and sign declarations. When guests arrive, the system can also send hosts notifications to inform them that their guest has arrived.

Many locations use visitor management systems, including offices, hospitals, government buildings, and manufacturing sites. They’re put in to increase security, meet data protection requirements, simplify visitor check-in procedures, and improve overall facility management.

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How do visitor management systems work?

Matrix Booking’s visitor management system provides digital visitor lists to replace paper sign-in books. This has numerous benefits for people visiting your sites, your front desk team, and those responsible for health and safety in your organisation. 

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Why is visitor management important?

First impressions matter. Most people will have experienced the frustration of queuing up to sign in using a single, paper visitor book, then being handed sheets of security information to read, then having to wait for the front desk team to phone the host. The whole experience can become even more complicated when you have several organisations in the same building with a shared reception. 

Paper visitor books also carry risks when it comes to health and safety, because they’re the only record of who’s in the building at a given time. 

Matrix Booking’s visitor management system addresses these challenges (and more). It offers simpler and faster ways for visitors to digitally check in and sign declarations, as well as automated notifications for their hosts, support for multi-organisational sites, and digital visitor lists for your health and safety team to access from anywhere. 

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