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Meeting room booking software and workplace management – Innovation powering efficiency

Smarter working practices are creating the demand for diverse workspaces and new ways of working. Matrix Booking cuts through the complexity creating an agile, flexible working environment that provides the complex functionality demanded by facility managers combined with the simplicity required by end users for the ideal meeting room booking software and workplace management solution.

A Mobile First solution

Booking “Anytime, Anywhere” – meeting the requirements of the modern workforce with a fully integrated, intuitive meeting room booking software and workplace management solution:

  • Empowering the workforce to choose how and where they work in the modern environment
  • Ensuring the mobile workforce has access to intuitive, robust mobile applications on which to manage all their resource bookings
  • Providing unparalleled user experience – guaranteeing the Matrix Mobile app can be downloaded and used instantly with zero training
Mobile Mock up of Workplace Booking System
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All resources available on one application

Matrix Booking enables users to manage all resources from one application allowing them to plan and manage their work day simply and quickly from anywhere. Clients use Matrix Booking to efficiently manage a broad range of resources including:

  • Meeting rooms & communal spaces
  • Desks
  • Conference & event spaces
  • Car park spaces
  • Vehicles & transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Catering

Supporting Facilities with powerful reporting tools and real-time analytics

Real-time data as well as detailed historical and future booking information allows facilities managers to continually optimise their resource usage across the entire estate:

  • Matrix Detect provides an interface to a range of sensors and IoT devices, facilitating real-time reporting on resource availability
  • Detailed occupancy reporting provides drill-down capability across the entire estate from global level right down to individual resource usage
  • Powerful reporting tools generate dynamic reporting by resource, users, domains, cost code and locations
  • The Matrix Floorplan Kiosk application provides users with both real-time and future booking information on an intuitive visual floorplan to aid resource booking decisions
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