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Matrix Booking celebrates EO Day

Matrix Booking is celebrating being a #ProudlyEO business.

Employees of Matrix Booking are delighted to be part of the UK Employee Ownership Day (EO Day), run by the eoa, on Friday, June 21 2024.

We’re taking part in EO Day, themed #ProudlyEO, to highlight the impact of employee ownership on employees, businesses, the economy, communities, and the environment.

Our teams will be meeting up in both Swansea and London. The day includes a range of outdoor activities, such as rounders and football. Most importantly, the day is for us to celebrate teamwork and collaboration.

Formed just over 10 years ago as a small company and now employing 47 people, Matrix Booking provides workplace management solutions. We’re proud to celebrate employee ownership alongside other employee owned businesses, as Karl Breeze, CEO of Matrix Booking, explains:

“As we celebrate Employee Ownership Day, let’s remember that our success is rooted in the understanding that all employees have a interest in the business. At our core, we value the strong sense of commitment, innovation, and shared purpose that employee ownership brings. Today and every day, we honour the dedication and passion of our team, who drive our company forward with a genuine interest in its success.”

Jade Loftus, Employee Trust Director of Matrix Booking added:

“Employee ownership means having a genuine stake in the future of our company. It signifies that our voices are heard and our contributions directly influence our collective success. It supports a sense of shared responsibility and pride, encouraging us to work together towards common goals. This ensures that the benefits of our hard work are enjoyed by everyone.”

James de le Vingne, Chief Executive of the eoa, said:

“Companies such as Matrix Booking are great examples of the economic and social benefits that can be achieved when employees have a meaningful stake and a say in the business in which they work. Since it started life 12 years ago, the reach of EO Day and the scale of the employee ownership sector has grown, with both having more than doubled in the past few years alone. Now, we have the opportunity to accelerate the pace of growth and reach even wider audiences to shout about employee ownership and its impact. By making as much noise as possible, we can help to showcase the impact of employee ownership and shine a light on businesses that are #ProudlyEO.”

With events running across the UK, and the involvement of thousands of employee owners and partners, EO Day is an huge part of the eoa’s events calendar. It was introduced to raise awareness of employee ownership as a better way of doing businesses.

The benefits of employee ownership across various industry sectors has been proven in research led by the eoa. This includes better employee health and well-being, increased productivity, and a culture of creativity and innovation.

Additionally employee owned companies:

  • Contribute over £30 billion to the UK economy annually.
  • Operate in a range of sectors including healthcare, education, retail, and professional services.
  • Have higher levels of job satisfaction amongst employees.
  • Employees have a greater sense of achievement and job security, and are more likely to recommend their workplace.

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