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Matrix Booking helps Shelby Group introduce hot-desking and room booking across sites


Shelby Group is a boutique consulting firm based in North America, providing procurement services to Fortune 500 companies. The procurement specialist wanted a new room and desk booking solution that would not only replace their current solution but one that would also grow with the organisation.

Based in Chicago, USA – Shelby Group was using room booking software at a single site but wanted to expand and add their head office to the solution. They also required support to seamlessly introduce a hot-desking strategy, which would also eventually include managing desks and meeting rooms at a further four offices. Their existing solution was not easy to use – consultants would need to scroll through all desk listings on the system in the hope of finding a free desk. Shelby Group needed a solution that was simple to use and one that would allow staff to search for a desk or meeting room by a given time, date and location.


System setup and delivery

Shelby Group sought out Matrix Booking, and following initial discussions, a demonstration of the system was provided, giving a full overview of the solution. The demo showcased how easy Matrix Booking is to use and manage from both a user and an administrator’s point of view. The team at Shelby Group liked what they saw and decided to go ahead and roll out Matrix Booking across an initial two sites.

The team got straight to work, creating a new organisation within the Matrix Booking infrastructure, adding all relevant business information to set up a unique profile for Shelby Group. All user needs were gathered and collated including password requirements, which was adapted to meet specific company requests.

Next was a bespoke training session for the nominated company administrator – the person charged with user management on a day to day basis. Once personal details were added, the administrator was given an overview of how to make bookings and how to add meeting room facilities, such as display screens, telephone needs or catering. Shelby Group can also manage and maintain their hierarchy – they can introduce security levels to control access to particular meeting rooms and desk space and can add new rooms or desks to the system as and when required.


One specific request from Shelby Group was to have the ability to manage facilities in real-time and ensure users keep their reservations. Matrix Booking included the auto-cancel option, so if a user does not confirm attendance by starting their booking within a 15-minute timeframe, it will be cancelled and opened up to other users to reserve. Matrix Booking also allows the business, via the administrator, to determine how far in advance users can book.

Shelby Group is now using a solution that meets all user needs and is supporting the rollout of their hot-desking strategy. Matrix Booking is an easy to use solution that permits the system administrator to add or deactivate users, rooms or desks at the click of a button and can even provide specific users with enhanced user capabilities, implementing management level access. All internal queries are dealt with by the company administrator, but Matrix Booking is always on hand to offer help and advice. The installation of Matrix Booking was completed in less than one month, and the solution will expand with business requirements as and when new users or more sites are added to the system.

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