Matrix Booking ranked in Tussell Tech200 

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Matrix Booking is proud to be featured and ranked 95th in Tussell Tech200. The Tech200 list has been developed by Tussell in partnership with techUK. 

What is the Tech200 and how does it work? 

The Tech200 is a list of the top 200 fastest-growing technology companies for the public sector that has been identified by Tussell using their market intelligence platform. Several criteria were used to identify as many technology firms as possible and all entrants have been manually checked to validate their relevance. They calculate the percentage growth in public spend with these firms between fiscal year (FY) 2020/21 and FY 2021/22. Matrix Booking has been ranked in position 95 with an 202 % growth in FY 2021/22 compared with FY 2020/21. 

‘Being recognised on the Tussell Tech200 list confirms our status as a significant technology supplier to the public sector. For more than a decade, we’ve supported and continue to support the transformation of the public estate and have earned the trust of key organisations, such as HM Revenue & Customs, the Ministry of Justice, and the Department of Health and Social Care. 

Of course, the pandemic has driven the shift away from traditional in-office working to the modern hybrid world and we were ready to assist the public sector with this transition. The Matrix Booking team works tirelessly to support customers and provide innovative and intuitive solutions to meet their changing needs. 

The expertise we’ve built working with key organisations across government, institutions, and public services has proved invaluable as we continue to support the Government Property Agency (GPA) hubs programme to co-locate staff into fewer and better-equipped office buildings without diluting the overall service and value to the nation’s taxpayers. 

As a result, the government hubs programme is now rapidly expanding into local government. We are also in discussions with the NHS, and we are expecting this demand to continue over the next few years.’   

– Karl Breeze, CEO, Matrix Booking Ltd.  

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