This Way Forward: Celebrating B Corp
month 2024 

March is B Corporation (B Corp) month and we wanted to take this opportunity to talk more about B Corp certification. Matrix Booking is an employee-owned organisation and a living wage employer. We’re proud to have been a B Corp since November 2023.

For Matrix Booking, being a B Corp company gives our customers, partners, suppliers, and colleagues the confidence that we’re living by our core values. Our mission is to optimise hybrid working and reduce the environmental impact of the modern office through intelligent resource booking software.

What is B Corp certification?

A B Corp certification, is a classification given to for-profit companies by the non-profit organisation B Lab. This certification shows that a company meets strict standards of social and environmental responsibility.

B Corp companies balance profit with purpose and are committed to using their business as a force for good. They need to think about how their decisions will affect employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment.

To become certified, companies are assessed on their impact and practices across various areas of their operations. Find out more about the certification process and the benefits to your organisation.

What happens in B Corp month?

Every March, B Lab and the global B Corp community join together to raise awareness of the B Corp movement.

Find out more about how Matrix Booking celebrated B Corp month below:

Empowering youth through nature with The Amelia Trust Farm

The Amelia Trust Farm is a charitable organisation based in South Wales. Their farm and nature reserve offer educational and therapeutic programmes for young people. The trust provides opportunities to engage with nature, learn about farming, and develop life skills. Through their activities, the Amelia Trust Farm promote well-being, education, and environmental awareness among the local community.

During B Corp month, volunteers from Matrix Booking went to the farm and helped with:

  • tree planting
  • hedge planting
  • putting down mulch to help existing trees and hedges grow

A productive day at Amelia Trust Farm.…

“The Matrix team were hugely helpful during their Corporate Volunteering Day at Amelia Trust Farm. We began the day working on the Orchard. We added a layer of wood chippings to the bottom of the fruit trees (a process called mulching). This process helps protect the fruit tree from unwanted plants or shrubs growing around them. It also provides a visual barrier to maintenance staff strimming, helps conserve moisture and water retention around the tree, and delivers much-needed nutrition to the soil.
During the second part of the day, we planted tree saplings for the “Restore the Thaw Landscape Project”. These saplings were made up of a collective of native trees including Alder, Birch, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, and Oak. These trees were being imbedded into makeshift planters ready to be planted in hedgerows and woodlands across the Thaw catchment next autumn. These trees will help reestablish unhealthy hedgerows, recover woodland loss from Ash dieback and encourage biodiversity. The tree planting will help bring schools, community groups and local landowners together to strengthen the resilience of Wales’s protected land and support nature recovery.”

Matt, Woodland Ranger, Amelia Trust Farm

Planting for a Sustainable Future with Avon Needs Trees

Avon Needs Trees is a charitable organisation who purchase land within the within the City and County of Bristol to create new woodland areas. Their goal is to:

  • combat climate change
  • boost biodiversity
  • enhance water quality
  • establish wildlife habitats

In total, we planted:

  • Hawthorn: 160
  • Crab Apple: 63
  • Hazel: 99
  • Goat willow: 39
  • Blackthorn: 26
  • Bird Cherry: 18
  • Field Maple : 8
  • Holly: 7

Avon Needs Trees relies on donations and community support to buy land to carry out their reforestation projects. They support wider conservation efforts to protect and restore natural ecosystems.

During B Corp month, a team of B Corp volunteers from Matrix Booking, Skylark Media, Atomic Smash, Amba, and Webgains planted a record-breaking 420 trees at the Avon Needs Trees site in Great Avon Wood. These trees will help to fight climate change. As they grow, will play a role in reducing flooding in the area by slowing down the flow of rainwater, absorbing rainwater, and reducing erosion.

Discover B Corp month

With the number of B Corp organisations rising, finding one is easier than ever. To find a B Corp company use this search tool.

We’re thrilled to be part of a community where businesses can benefit people, communities, and the planet. B Corp organisations come in all shapes and sizes, proving there’s always an opportunity to use business as a force for good.

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