Brand refresh across our products

In order to keep things looking fresh and modern and to reflect or recent branding changes, we are making a few changes to the website and apps that you have been using.   A little while ago we updated our brand and began to roll this out, however, due to the challenges brought to us all by COVID-19 we refocused on delivering very rapid enhancements and solutions to allow organisations to more effectively manage and plan their return to work.

As these developments are all live and in use now, we have returned to complete the rebranding work and are now in the process of rolling this out across our entire product range.

The first area that we will be changing is the log in, forgotten password and sign up pages.  These will be updated with the new logo, a sharper and cleaner colour palette and better and more simplified wording.  The new screen will look like this:

New log in page, matrix booking

The “Powered by Matrix Booking” logo that may appear across your application as a thin strapline will also be updated. This will help bring greater consistency between the web application and our other products which you may already be using.

The new strapline will look like this:

New Powered by Matrix Booking strapline image

These new improvements are part of our ongoing brand updates that will see an improved look and feel across our entire suite of products and applications. We will continue to make these improvements over the next few months and we are committed to making designs that produce consistency in terms of the quality and appearance of our products as well as the use of tools and assistive technologies to involve our diverse customer base in this process.