Logging in to Matrix Booking

  • Once you are a Matrix Booking customer then your way to access Matrix Booking is simply to visit:  https://app.matrixbooking.com .
  • It is definitely worth bookmarking this link to save you time in the future, so just click the above link and when that page opens, click the STAR icon at the end of the address bar to add it to your favourites – it’s as simple as that.
  • To access Matrix Booking via our mobile apps then visit either the Apple app store or the Google Play Store and search for ‘Matrix Booking‘. Click download, then install and you are ready to go and log in using your normal work email.
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Getting help – problems logging in

  • Once you are a Matrix Booking customer then occasionally the inevitable may happen, and you may have problems logging in.
  • As a live customer your passwords and user accounts are all managed by your own organisation. You have local Matrix Booking Administrators in your company and they can sort out all of your access issues and also ensure you are able to see and book the right resources.   If you can log in, then clicking HELP at the top of the page should tell you who your administrators are.
  • If you cannot log in then contact your administrators if you know who they are, and if you don’t know who they are then just raise a request with your normal IT team and ask them to pass it to the Matrix Booking Administrators.
  • If you are trying to register and it says you are ‘already registered’ then simply click the Forgot Password option.
  • If it says you are ‘unable to register with that email address’ then again just raise a request with your normal IT team and ask them to pass it to the Matrix Booking Administrators as your organisation has most likely turned off ‘auto-register’.

Already an administrator but need help?

  • As an administrator of Matrix Booking you already have your own dedicated support portal where you can find Frequently Asked Questions, Guides and help articles and of course raise any support issues you may have.
  • This support portal is for Administrators  only, and if you have forgotten your login then simply visit the portal, enter your email address and you will be able to send a reset email.
  • If you do not have a log in to the support portal then please contact one of your other administrators in your organisation and they can raise a support ticket for you requesting access.
  • As an administrator you also have access to an Account Manager who can be used for any general account questions or issues and of course as an escalation point for any issues you have. If you do not know who your account manager is then you can email the general mailbox accountmanagement@matrixbooking.com and it will be passed on to them for you.
  • The Administrator support portal link is:   https://support.matrixbooking.com.
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