The benefits of an Integrated Workplace Management System

What is an Integrated Workplace Management System?
In 2004 Gartner coined the term ‘integrated workplace management software’ to describe enterprise software suites that address five areas of concern to both facilities management and corporate real estate management. These five concerns are real estate and lease management, facilities and space management, maintenance management, environmental sustainability and capital project management.

How to design an effective Integrated Workplace Management System?
Many components are required to make an effective integrated workplace management system, but one of the cornerstones is cutting edge meeting room booking software that goes a long way to address all five concerns, by providing the functions required for facilities and space management, along with the usage data required by the other four concerns in order to forecast and plan future needs.

Meeting Room Booking Software

Meeting room organisation needs vary hugely across businesses depending on their size and character. Most companies have some need to efficiently coordinate the use of shared workspaces, but for some businesses getting this part of their operations right is critical.

For example, if your organisation has frequent client meetings then you need meeting room booking software that makes the entire process of using a meeting room seamless and professional – from finding when and where a room is free, to sending out invitations, from the welcome guests are shown at reception, to having the meeting room arranged perfectly with all the facilities and amenities required for a productive meeting. Businesses that display second-rate coordination of their resources, when clients visit for a meeting, run the risk of making those clients question how competently they will manage their account and deliver a quality outcome.

The cost of poor meeting room management can far exceed the investment required for leading meeting room booking software that makes it much easier for facilities management to do a first-class job. Meanwhile, two of the least obvious but most valuable benefits of a highly organised meeting room management system are the business being less likely to lose clients as well as less likely to lose their most valuable staff.

As an employee, if you want to shine in your profession, you will be demotivated if losing clients means losing opportunities to do your best work. An employee also needs a work environment that minimises room for error, such as double room bookings or meeting cancellations, to ensure they are effectively managing their time without the added stress of a disorganised office.

Resource Management Software

Conversely, staff who feel supported to deliver excellence by the IT services provided by their employers are more motivated. And modern meeting room and resource booking software can be adapted to present a super professional, internally branded face to visiting clients that inspires staff to perform in line with those values. The basic functionality of leading resource management software can also be of huge benefit to staff motivation. As well as taking the pain out of booking resources for everyone, simple but effective resource management software is especially useful when on-boarding new staff and training them in resource booking procedures.

Facilities management benefit from resource management software as it enables them to organise car parking, visitors, meeting rooms, hot desks and more from the comfort of their desk. By using online solutions, managers will save valuable time when needing to organise and communicate resource bookings with their workforce.

Workplace Management for Employee Retention
Besides, an effective workplace management solution can help a business to implement more flexible working arrangements for staff, further assisting them with employee motivation and retention. Flexible working is becoming more common in the workplace and numerous adjustments are being made in workplace regulations to accommodate workers needs. Therefore, any way that a business can offer flexible and effective procedures to employees is an opportunity that should not be missed.

As small to medium-sized businesses especially depend on hiring the best people, and the cost of replacing an entry-level employee is 30-50% of their annual salary, the value to employee retention of a well oiled and integrated workplace management system that facilitates flexible working arrangements should not be underestimated.

Happy employees stay longer and work harder
Keeping staff happy is key to employee retention, but it isn’t the only benefit. And it may be no more surprising but it is important to understand that happiness has been shown over and over again by empirical studies to make staff more productive, as a new study from Warwick University shows – we work harder when happier. Many things impact on staff happiness, including things outside a business’ control, such as the weather, but removing the barriers and streamlining the workflow for staff when they need to book the rooms and coordinate the resources they need to do their jobs will help a lot.

These systems are particularly beneficial for agencies and consultancy businesses where employees have frequent visitors to manage along with projectors, meeting room or car parking. Resource management software simplifies the procedures employees must follow when frequently booking client meetings, which helps them save time and makes their work that little bit easier.

Time & Asset Management
Two of the most valuable assets any organisation has are employee time and the physical resources staff need to perform their work. An integrated workplace management system with well-calibrated resource management software enables businesses to make the most of both. The cumulative savings of time made by every member of staff having the benefit of an efficient, automatic resource booking procedure impacts positively on productivity, as well as freeing Facilities Managers to focus their efforts on maintenance and development. At the same time data captured by the system provides Facilities and Estate Management teams with the basis for future plans and designs for the businesses use of physical resources.

What is the best workplace software?
Matrix Booking is the leading resource management software, so it is the perfect choice for taking care of the facilities, space and resource management needs of any integrated workplace management system, simultaneously capturing crucial data needed for all other workplace management processes to run effectively.

Matrix Booking also continues to evolve and innovate all the time. The software can now be deployed in conjunction with the latest IoT technology like room sensors to increase the accuracy of usage data, and new functionality is brought to all users of the software with each upgrade made to meet new client requirements. Discover more in our client case studies and find out what global market leaders, such as EDF, that use our management and resource scheduling software have to say about its benefits.