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A superior, personalised experience with state-of-the-art visitor management

Matrix Booking provides an integrated suite of digital signage, kiosk applications and reception display applications to provide superior visitor management and experience.

Integrated visitor management

The first impression created when a customer, colleague or business contact visits your office is very important. We treat your visitors as an important user of the system and ensure they have an excellent experience from invite to check-out.

  • A unified system to book rooms, invite internal and external attendees, order catering, and reserve a parking space
  • Automatic notification to visitors, reception, security and other service providers
  • Specific reception staff views and functions including visitor self-service check-in
  • Large display Arrivals Screen greets visitors to aid welcome and navigation
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Improving visitor management and experience

The Matrix visitor management applications provides an excellent visitor experience from the invite right through to when they leave the building.

  • Branded meeting invitations and associated information are emailed to the visitor including an optional secure self-check-in code
  • Visitors can also receive pre-booked car park space notification
  • On arrival visitors can choose to use self-service kiosks or to check-in at reception
  • Information regarding the meeting can be displayed on the Arrivals Screen and personalised information is presented when the self-service kiosk is used

Streamlining Meetings and Events booking

Arranging a meeting for even a small number of people can be time-consuming and difficult especially if it involves external visitors. The integrated visitor management applications streamline this process, manages changes and keeps all parties informed including reception, security, FM, IT and, of course, the attendees.

  • Once added, visitor details can be accessed by reception and security removing the need for separate notifications
  • Meeting hosts receive an automated notification when a visitor checks-in at reception or via a kiosk
  • Visitors can also be checked-out at reception or choose to use the kiosks
  • The Guestbook app allows visitors to register – even if they do not have a pre-booked meeting
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Front of house – Service Provider views

The Matrix Booking team fully understands that frequently, there are crucial front of house services provided by 3rd party service organisations, which require access to accurate information to perform their services – that is why we have created specific service provider views.

  • All visitor check-ins and check-out actions are recorded and viewable in real-time for fire safety and audit purposes
  • Daily visitor reports can be generated at any time
  • Users can invite external visitors without the need to book a specific meeting which the reception staff can view
  • Service specific views can be accessed by the different front of house functions