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Smarter working – book anytime, anywhere with the best cloud-based, office, meeting room and desk booking software solution

Office, meeting room and desk booking made easy. Matrix Booking provides the capability to book meeting rooms, desks, car parking and many other resources across an entire estate from a single application. The focus on user experience ensures that users can utilise Matrix Booking without the need for training.

Office, meeting room and desk booking made simple

The rich functionality within Matrix Booking makes managing resource bookings easy.

  • User focused app design ensures users are provided with beautiful, intuitive interfaces across web, mobile, Outlook and the digital signage and kiosk applications
  • Full integration across the Matrix suite ensures that resource availability is always accurate, in real-time and accessible by all users
  • Stunning mobile apps can be downloaded directly from the Apple store and Google Play store giving instant access to users anywhere in the world
  • Innovative use of the latest sensors, beacons, browsers and mobile platforms enable brilliant user functionality including mobile check-in, real-time occupancy views and single sign-on for a seamless booking experience
  • The integrated suite of Signage and Kiosk applications available with Matrix Welcome not only provides attractive digital signage displays but also enables at-resource booking via the interactive screens
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Award winning Hot Desk booking solutions

The ability to provide a secure, robust platform that can accommodate cross-organisational setups has led to Matrix Booking being the suite of the largest and most complex smarter working programs in the world.

  • Deployments in UK & Ireland, France, USA, Canada and Australia across private sector and local and central government
  • Matrix Booking powers the largest public sector smarter working deployment in the UK which serves users of seven government bodies sharing estates
  • Winners of UK and European awards for the solution developed with the UK Ministry of Justice Commuter Hubs Programme

Powerful administration tools help optimise room and desk usage

  • Extensive configuration options enable facility managers to set the desired access level and business rules within the system
  • Unique cross-organisational hub features provide a platform for organisations to share physical state and systems seamlessly across multiple user groups
  • Powerful resource hierarchy and security groups make user access management easy for even the largest complex estates
  • Rich user-specific settings also enable staff to set their preferences and defaults to ensure an excellent user experience every time
  • Active Directory integration provides easy, secure user management removing administration cost and increasing your internal information security
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One Engine – Many applications to choose

Matrix Booking’s suite of applications are designed to work seamlessly with all major browsers and mobile platforms with a consistent user experience irrespective of the technical interface. Users have the choice to book using any of the beautiful interfaces including:

  • Web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  • Native iOS or Android mobile applications
  • MS Outlook (with Google Gmail support coming soon)
  • Digital room signage
  • Digital desk info screens
  • Floorplan Kiosk Apps
  • Voice control devices

Smarter tech for Smarter Working

The suite of Signage and Kiosk applications utilise some of the smartest technology available to ensure our users have the best possible booking experience.

Our fully interactive Welcome applications integrate with 3rd party sensor and beacon technology to bring users two valuable pieces of flexible working functionality:

  • Live Floorplan Kiosks view via sensor integration
  • Proximity check-in on mobile apps via beacon integration

Check out our innovation section to learn more.

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