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Creating the best resource management tools through meeting room and desk booking innovation

Keytree is proud to be a market leader in innovative corporate solutions. The Matrix Booking suite is constantly benefiting from the research and development efforts from Keytree Labs. As a development partner with some of the leading global technology companies, Keytree Labs co-innovates to ensure all of the Keytree products and clients are using the best possible technology available.

Always learning – always innovating

The Matrix Booking team invests in extensive research and development to constantly improve and expand our applications to ensure our customers have access to the best and safest technology on the market. As a SaaS system, when we build it – all customers benefit. Meeting room and desk booking innovation is the cornerstone of Matrix Booking technology:

  • Proximity check-in functionality using integrated beacon technology
  • Integrated sensor systems for real-time views
  • Vehicle tracking integration for real-time transport information
  • Voice control for wider accessibility
  • Wellness device integration
  • Cross-organisational security (hubs)
  • Multi-Active Directory integration for secure user management
  • MS Outlook add-in with optimised resource selector
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European innovation award winners

Matrix Booking has been recognised for its work with the Ministry of Justice in the UK by being awarded the EuroFM ‘Partners for FM Innovation’ award 2017.

The award recognises the co-innovation work on the highly successful commuter hubs project which is now the largest cross-organisational hub network in the UK.

Global Innovation Partners

Matrix Booking is built on the best available technology platforms with the collaboration of our global partners which include:

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Accessibility with Matrix Assist

Accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with or by people with disabilities. One of our proudest innovations, Matrix Assist, is a voice-control module that removes these barriers. The ongoing design and development of the Matrix suite ensures equal access to all via a number of key features, including:

  • Graphic designs that ensure support for colour vision deficiency
  • Support for industry standard screen readers
  • Open API to allow links to accessibility products
  • Careful alt text for images and labelling on forms
  • Use of ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) roles, alerts and landmarks