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Smart Working Office Hub Networks

The Matrix Booking engine has been specifically designed and architected to enable cross-organisational collaboration. We are proud to be the engine behind some of the largest and most innovative smart working office hub network programmes running today.

Collaboration Hub Networks – Open and Secure

We built the Matrix Booking suite with a focus on excellent user experiences and an understanding that the ability for systems to enable cross-organisation collaboration is growing rapidly. Matrix Booking has been architected to ensure it meets the complex demands of this new smarter working community by providing organisations with the ability to:

  • Allocate resources as ‘Private’ and / or ‘Shared’ resources
  • Grant ‘Hub’ and ‘Local’ administration levels to the hub member organisations
  • Support for multiple mixed corporate directories for seamless single sign-on
  • Integrate with IoT and Smart Building functions and connectors
  • Access the Matrix API to support partner system extensions and integrations
  • Allow members top pick and choose additional modules as they need them
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Award Winning Hub Networks

The largest Public Sector Hub Network in the UK is hosted by the Ministry of Justice and utilised by organisations across the public sector.

  • With over 80 locations on a shared system, users have access to over 50 “Hub” locations across the UK
  • Organisations such as the Crown Prosecution Service, Food Standards Agency and National Probation Service are already sharing systems and resources across the network
  • Matrix Booking powers innovative Hub Networks across both central and local government bringing together all sizes of organisations
  • We are proud to power the newest Government Hub run by the HMRC. Matrix Booking provides a seamless user experience for staff using the brand new flagship HMRC Hub in Croydon

Private Sector Hubs / Multi-tenant buildings

Private sector organisations are embracing the collaborative culture of sharing systems across organisations.

  • Matrix Booking enables landlords and facilities companies to build private hubs to enable their clients to have both private and shared resources on a single secure system
  • Matrix Booking enables huge expansion in flexible working hubs globally as companies look to implement new working practices while saving costs
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