The second an employee shows up to work, their motivation and momentum are both intrinsically affected by their work environment. Even as you prepare for your working day, regardless if your workplace is at home, the office or on the move – if you feel confident that your company’s resource management system is on your side, if you know you can dive back into work quickly, you’re starting off on the right foot. On the other hand, you can start the day raring to go and run headlong into a blockade when you are simply trying to access a room, a desk or the files you need to do your job, knocking the wind right out of your sails.

Developing a smarter workplace

Smarter workplace solutions, such as Matrix Booking, are designed to make it easier for staff to get set up and ready for the day ahead. The highly accessible, intuitive software is used to book meeting rooms, desks and other resources – it is an ideal solution for companies seeking to develop a smarter workplace and increase staff productivity.

A leading workplace booking software solution, Matrix Booking requires no experts to deploy the app – it is very straightforward and easy to learn, simplifying company procedures for facilities and resource management.

Available from the iTunes and app stores, Matrix Booking offers any business of any size a range of solutions to address and overcome facilities management challenges. It is a ‘mobile-first’ system, built for the modern smarter workplace, and it enables staff to book resources any time from anywhere.

Matrix Booking is a leading workplace booking system that uses modern technology to create a smarter workplace – helping any organisation work towards the goal of increasing staff productivity and managing time efficiently. The resource management system also uses a voice controlled system to create an accessible workplace system that prioritises inclusivity. The booking management software works collaboratively with the popular Amazon Echo to further prevent expensive staff training costs – your workforce can simply ask Alexa and Matrix Booking will complete the request!

The meeting room and desk booking functions provide users with the ability to view and book resources across an entire global estate from a single device, as well as request additional services, such as catering or a room layout change. Combining the minutes it takes for your staff to find meeting rooms, desks, parking spots or other resources can total hours of lost time. Matrix Booking is an ideal solution to manage resources, and visitors to your estate, in a time effective and productive way.

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The benefits of Workplace Management Software

Increased productivity for your business is the obvious benefit of a mobile-first resource booking software like Matrix Booking, but according to research carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, solutions for smarter workplace management enable a more flexible workplace, easier collaboration and access to mobile information, while also increasing creativity, satisfaction and loyalty among employees.

As well as a very user friendly app for booking rooms, desks and other resources in the workplace (parking spaces, vehicles, devices, etc), Matrix Booking has some innovative features that harness the Internet of Things to help you improve your visitor welcome experience, enhance your team collaboration, and monitor resource usage to provide cost-saving insights for facilities management.

The Matrix Booking workplace management software was developed to provide booking solutions that support a business’ workflow, staff productivity, and time efficiency in an affordable subscription. The multi-purpose software can be used to book resources such as meeting rooms, desks, car parking spots, or allow a modern sign-in service for visitor management support. The booking software and app can be tailored to a business’ needs with a choice of subscriptions that are based on the number of resources or users – the booking system has been created to support bespoke requirements.

The impact of Workplace Booking Systems

Winning awards for excellence along the way, Matrix Booking has helped organisations worldwide create far more effective workplaces, with more fluid facilities management and pain-free resource booking. Matrix Booking has enabled organisations of all shapes and sizes to operate more efficiently, including private enterprises like Chicago based Shelby Group and public sector body, The Ministry of Justice. Tailored to suit small businesses, global enterprises and everything in between, Matrix Booking provides employees with the latest innovations in smarter working systems.

The software’s use of a voice controlled system makes it unique compared to other workplace booking systems. These features make the booking software much more effective for businesses as staff training is not required therefore making it simpler for a workforce to employ. The system is also quicker to use as it responds to voice commands but most importantly – the voice feature helps to create one accessible workplace system that can be used across an entire workplace.

Try Matrix Booking today

A free trial of Matrix Booking is a perfect opportunity for you to experience first-hand this smarter workplace resource booking system. See how it can benefit your business and increase workplace productivity, enjoy the innovative solutions Matrix Booking can provide your facilities management for free, and you’ll soon realise the value of our application in helping your teams start every day on the right foot.