Safeguarding data in the hybrid era

As hybrid work models become the new norm, businesses face a complex set of challenges, particularly regarding data compliance and security. Whilst managing remote teams has become more refined in recent years, there is something that threatens this way of working.

That threat is unseen, unsafe and unsuspecting.

It’s a digital danger that comes in the form of sensitive data loss, cyber-attacks and data breaches, each one looming ever larger in this evolving working model. The stakes are high.

Therefore, business leaders must understand that compliance and security controls must be equally effective to protect any business and its people, irrespective of where the work is done. And with hybrid working models relying on digital technology, there’s an urgent need to safeguard confidential information.

So, how can this be addressed? How can businesses stay ahead of the threat? Well, the first hurdle lies in managing data security for hybrid teams.

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