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The Premier League is a long term user of Matrix Booking, and the solution has developed and grown over time to encompass multiple modules of the product suite with a heavy focus on how the Premier League were managing rooms, catering requests and visitors attending their office – via web and mobile.

Matrix Booking provided the Premier League with a solution that combined multiple workplace management procedures into one central system. The software manages the workplace, visitors and resource bookings including meeting rooms and desks. The benefits of the multi-purpose system provided by Matrix Booking has created a smarter working environment for the Premier League.

The fact that Matrix could handle these requirements centrally prompted the Premier League to address challenges around user management, deciding which users gain access to the system and the security level of the authentication of these users. They wanted a solution that could provide user authentication via single sign-on to their Active Directory.

The final challenge was how to keep track of external visitors entering their building, without a meeting invite. A solution was required to allow reception teams to add visitors to the system, check them into the building and that also integrated into a detailed report.

Visitor Management

To tackle the challenges surrounding visitor management, Matrix Booking developed the Guestbook Application, allowing the Premier League Reception Team to manage all external visitors entering and leaving their London Head Office.

When a guest arrives at the building, the Reception Team will see their name on the Visitor Report and, with a couple of clicks, will be able to check them into the building – repeating the same process to notify the host. This simple process saves time and supports workplace productivity due to smarter working systems being utilised.

The Guestbook App has also been built to handle the challenge of those visitors who haven’t been invited to a meeting and therefore are not showing on the system. The application records visitor details, including name, company, and the name of the person they are due to visit – letting reception check them into the building while feeding this information into the original Visitor Report, notifying the host of their arrival. The visitor management software has been built to securely manage and store information to support companies in their compliance with GDPR policies.

Mobile interface

The Premier League wanted a room reservation system that provided full flexibility when making a booking, which is achievable with Matrix Booking – allowing users to make reservations on the move, from their mobile devices.

The native mobile applications are built ‘mobile first’ and are available in the Google Play and Apple Store and provide the same functionality as the web interface including making a new booking, requesting catering, inviting visitors and editing or cancelling any upcoming bookings.

The resource booking mobile app offers staff the ability to manage desks, meeting rooms and even parking spaces from their mobile device no matter where they are. This provides an innovative yet cost-effective solution to resource booking and workplace management for the Premier League.

Booking options

For the Premier League, it was essential to have catering options attached to their room booking solution, so Matrix issued administrators with full control over which rooms offered this option, aligning the process with the actual room booking procedure.

The easy to use interface was set up to give Premier League administrators complete control of which rooms offered which catering options. Once requested, food orders are sent via email to the catering team and fed into a progress report so the team can access and monitor an overview of their task list.


Matrix Booking delivered a solution that enabled the Premier League to work around some of the challenges they were facing successfully. The new system allows users to make room bookings from both web and mobile, while also enabling them to incorporate catering orders for meetings. Visitor management is now much smoother with Reception Teams able to view and check-in expected visitors and also handle any unexpected guests. The system is fully integrated in real-time, so further to the new functionalities, the Premier League also have a more accurate reporting process, which can be exported or printed for further drill down.

Matrix Booking is continually looking at ways to streamline facilities management for the Premier League and is in the process of developing Guestbook 2.0 to help work around further challenges faced with visitor management.

Discover the innovative solutions Matrix Booking offer companies who are in need of workplace management software that will integrate multiple resource bookings, visitor management and workplace procedures into a single application.

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