Driving business results through digital innovation

Matrix Booking, Keytree’s digital resource booking engine and workplace management tool, has been become an essential component of digital transformation strategies of organisations of all shapes and sizes across the world. Matrix Booking has proved to be an effective tool for real-time management of meeting rooms, desks and office equipment leading directly to substantial cost and time savings.

Smarter working practices are creating the demand for diverse workspaces and new ways of working. Matrix Booking cuts through the complexity creating an agile, flexible working environment that provides the sophisticated functionality demanded by facilities managers combined with the simplicity required by end users for the ideal meeting room and desk booking software and workplace management solutions.

mb resource booking

Matrix Booking enables users to manage all resources from one application allowing them to plan and manage their workday simply and quickly from anywhere. Organisations use Matrix Booking to efficiently manage a broad range of resources including:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Desks
  • Communal/shared areas
  • Conference & event spaces
  • Car park spaces
  • Vehicles & transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Catering

The maturing of cloud and smartphone technologies and the advent of IoT and Machine Learning – digital transformation is a crucial cornerstone of company growth and development. If you are considering taking the next step in your digital transformation journey, whether that be establishing your office as a smart office or just looking to manage your resources efficiently and make substantial cost savings, the Matrix Booking team are ideally placed to help make your goals a reality.

How Matrix Booking creates organisational value

Matrix Booking is scalable to your business requirements – whether your organisation requires a company-wide rollout or specific use in a strategic location you only pay for what employees use.

Multitenant architecture – individual groups of Matrix Booking users can all share common access privileges to the software, although each customer receives robust security.

Developed and managed by the Matrix Booking Team – organisations do not require additional IT resources to utilise Matrix Booking, providing a considerable cost saving.

Innovation included – the Matrix Booking team continually innovate to ensure that your engine is always up to date.

Digitised resources offer more value by providing advanced usage analytics, which helps inform future decision making.

Improving productivity & reallocating resources

Increase Productivity – the deployment of cloud software such as Matrix Booking follows the agile delivery method; company-wide installations can happen in a matter of hours versus weeks or months. Employees spend less time waiting for the implementation and realise the benefits of Matrix Booking immediately. The Matrix Booking engine supports telecommuting policies and flexible working enterprises through intuitive mobile and web applications.

Reduce Labour/Maintenance Costs – eliminating routine system maintenance frees up resources so the IT department can focus on mission-critical developments and initiatives. In some cases, for lean-thinking companies, this could even translate into a reduction in payroll.

Optimise Resource Utilisation – optimising the utilisation of resources translates into the consolidation or reallocation of resources. Our local government customers were able to realise meeting room and property consolidation by collaborating with other local government departments on shared resources. Property consolidation translates into significant cost-savings.

Resource booking tools are labelled as “high-growth” according to the Integrated Workplace Management Systems report by Gartner, and the sector is fuelled by a desire to save money and optimise resources throughout an organisation. An investment in Matrix Booking always proves to be a valuable investment for an organisation and the productivity of employees.