It is natural for the digital transformation of your facilities management to languish at the bottom of your priority list when you have enough to deal with bringing innovation to mission-critical things like product development, supply chain management, and sales and marketing. But facilities management literally and metaphorically provides the air to your business operations. It underpins all productivity in your organisation, so the result of making your workplace smarter with modern resource management software is a dramatic improvement in your ability to meet those ‘higher’ priorities.

There are a number of reasons for this. First, with a state of the art workplace management system, your staff can find, book and access the resources they need much more quickly than they could before. Second, you don’t need to waste human resources to manage the sharing of other resources. Third, because staff know they can book resources including rooms, desks, computers, vehicles, parking spaces and more, quickly and easily. Therefore, the potential contribution of these resources to your business isn’t being wasted. In other words, your teams are more motivated and more productive with the resources at their disposal.

The reinvention of smart working systems

Furthermore, expectations from staff are higher than ever, demanding that the modern workplace embraces technology that simplifies or dramatically improves upon old, inefficient systems. The more Millennials enter the workforce, as explained in The 2020 Workplace report by Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd, the more these expectations will grow.

Fortunately transforming your resource management system is now simpler than ever. Starting with test running the software in your organisation at no cost, Matrix Booking is extremely easy to try. You can access the cloud-based app, with nothing to install and get started in minutes – no need to wait for anyone’s help. Of course, if you do need help, the Matrix Booking team will be happy to assist, but the system has been designed so most people can pick it up quickly without any training.

Meeting room booking and scheduling is often a requirement for every office. The Matrix resource booking software provides an accessible and innovative process for your staff to manage meeting rooms. From bookings to availability checks – your workforce is given a system and app that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. This can help to improve workplace productivity as less time is being wasted on missed meetings, double bookings, and much more. The meeting room booking system also builds professional and modern procedures within the workplace, impressing your visitors and staff.

workplace management & resource booking app on mobile

High Prairie School Division #48

While the resource booking app works brilliantly ‘right out of the box,’ if your organisation needs Matrix Booking to meet some very specific requirements, the Matrix Booking team can work closely with your business to meet those requirements and ensure it is truly fit for purpose. Often the Matrix Booking team works in person with businesses to customise the software but, in the spirit of smarter working systems, this collaboration can also be carried out online, as it was with the High Prairie School Division #48 in Alberta, Canada, and their implementation of Matrix Booking.

Using WebEx, the Matrix Booking team demonstrated the product capabilities and listened to High Prairie School Division #48 describe their operation and its particular nuances. The organisation had to manage a fleet of vehicles for staff to serve communities across the province of Alberta. Managing the fleet meant knowing in real-time where each vehicle was, who had it, what they were using it for, who they were visiting and when it was due back. Having understood the unique problem they were dealing with, the Matrix Booking team were quickly able to implement a system that perfectly fit High Prairie School Division #48’s needs, and now more than 500 full and part-time employees, who directly supplement the endeavours of over 200 school-based teachers and administrators, can quickly and easily find, book and use a vehicle that empowers them to do their job.

With lovingly designed apps for Apple and Android phones available from the App Store and Google Play respectively, and integration with Outlook (Gmail support coming soon) there are multiple ways for staff at High Prairie School Division #48 to use Matrix Booking to find, book, cancel and reschedule resource reservations, 24/7, from wherever they are.

It costs nothing to try our innovative facilities management software and see for yourself how easy it can be for your organisation to simplify your workplace management, boost motivation and increase productivity. If you have any questions before you try Matrix Booking or after you’ve used it, our team will be very happy to help. Just email or speak to an adviser using the live chat service on the Matrix Booking website.