Aside from improving your customer experience, innovation through digitalisation can benefit your business in many ways. Making your business software more efficient and functionally competitive are reasons enough to make your organisation more technologically intelligent. However, if you don’t make digital transformation a skin to the core overhaul of your entire business operations, there is a danger your transformation will look like a facade and actually damage trust in your brand.

Imagine standing on an ultra-modern train platform. The neon lighting, cleanliness and air conditioning all combine to create an environment far more comfortable than you would have ever expected from a train station. Your expectations are set for the beautiful, sleek train that silently glides into the station. But when the doors open and you step inside, the interior looks like an old London Underground train from the 1980s. Grooved wooden floors, dusty, lumpy seats with wooden handles dangling from the ceiling. It’s a jarring experience and makes you question all of the innovation you experienced before the train arrived. Whether this is happening to your visiting clients or employees, if you’re leaving people in doubt as to whether the values presented on the public face of your company are a reflection of its core culture, you’ve got a problem.

Smarter Workplace Management

Trust is the bedrock of a client relationship, and motivation is the foundation of productive, creative staff. Both are undermined if there’s a lack of harmony between what a company says and what it does – especially today, when research shows that one of the biggest influences on an employee’s engagement is whether “they know, understand and believe in the company’s mission and values” – according to Culture iQ: Building a High Performance Culture: Key Lessons from Top Cultures for 2017.

Fortunately, modernising your facilities management and introducing a smarter working system recently became much easier, with the advent of resource booking app, Matrix Booking. Accessible from anywhere at any time, Matrix Booking gives everyone in your company the ability to search for and reserve rooms, desks, computers, vehicles and any other shared resources, far more quickly and easily than could ever really be achieved through human co-ordinators.

Simple to use, Matrix Booking relieves the frustration caused by legacy issues common to systems and processes that have evolved over time through offering innovative management and booking solutions to workplaces. Matrix Booking is purpose-built resource management software that provides a logical, intuitive and uniform process for booking any shared resources in your organisation, making it much easier to pick up – reducing the need for training, explanations and the correction of mistakes.

For visitors to your organisation, Matrix Booking can transform the impression made, from one where the right hand doesn’t appear to know what the left is doing, to one where your company radiates modernity and professional competency. Abandoning lengthy email chains and costly invitations, the Matrix Booking Visitor Management system starts with a clear and helpful invitation that a visitor receives digitally, continuing with a confident welcome provided by the reception team and concludes with the effortless checking out at the end of the visit.

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The Department of Health

The Department of Health had a prime example of a system with legacy issues. It had grown organically, accumulated many buildings, departments and teams and ended up with over 40 different in-house room booking solutions. Matrix Booking streamlined room booking for the Department of Health by providing one superior solution, which was rolled out in phases to ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new. Among the benefits is a workforce that sees integrity in the organisations’ efforts to provide a modern service to improve the nation’s wellbeing.

It might simply be an oversight if your workplace resource booking system is still comprised of a notebook and pen, while your product is winning awards for technological innovation. Either way, if you want staff and customers to buy into the idea that your business is innovative and forward thinking, you need to make your digital transformation more than a facelift. By investing in your company’s internal systems, both staff and customers are benefiting from a fast, efficient process.

Ensuring that the forward-thinking values of your customer-facing operations are reflected throughout your business is even easier to do now that you can test drive Matrix Booking for free. To set up a free trial for your company, just email or speak to an adviser using the live chat on the Matrix Booking website. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play by staff and picked up with next to no training due to the voice command features built into the workplace booking system.