Cutting edge touch screen office signage combined with Matrix Booking’s powerful resource booking solution

Enter the Digital Workplace with touch screen room signage, integrated with room and desk scheduling software to eliminate resource sharing friction and make available resources both more visible and more accessible. ProDVX informational and wayfinding displays transform the journey through your organisation, from reception to meeting room, into a delightful experience.

Professional hardware supplier

Reliable, cost effective technology:

  • Commercial grade hardware built for 24/7 use
  • Compatible with Android and Intel OS

  • Various power options, including Power over Ethernet

  • Style and functionality options to suit your needs – the size of the display, types of enclosure, mounting options, LED Bar around the tablet edge, camera, barcode scanner

  • Easy to deploy and manage with Matrix Booking

01. ProDVX 3
02. ProDVX 1

ProDVX Android & Intel touch screens

ProDVX provides top quality digital touch screens for both private and commercial use:

  • ProDVX touch screens can be powered in different ways, including Power over Ethernet, where one cable carries power and data, with no hassle

  • As operating power is provided through the network cable, power management can be centralised

  • This approach also enables the deployment and management of thousands of ProDVX touch screens wherever they are in the world

  • ProDVX touch screens are built for 24/7 use and can be supplied with metal, plastic and open frame enclosures, with a variety of mount options, to suit your organisational environment and security needs

  • ProDVX touch screens are backed by a comprehensive two-year standard warranty whereas the typical warranty period for consumer tablets is just one year

Matrix Booking & ProDVX

Matrix Booking partners with ProDVX to furnish companies with a diverse range of workplace management needs with leading software and hardware. Together they provide:

  • An integrated system for sharing resources, including but not limited to rooms, desks and computers

  • A smooth and professional visitor experience

  • Workplace management solutions that continually innovate and improve

  • State of the art digital workplace software and hardware, harmonised to deliver an experience for employees that fosters greater happiness and productivity, and for visitors that creates the best possible impression of professional competence


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