Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council selects Matrix Booking

The Local Metropolitan Council for the borough of Tameside, situated east of Manchester in the North West of England, consists of nine towns including Ashton-under-Lyne, Denton, Hyde and Stalybridge with offices located in each town to support its 220,000 residents. To support the management of over 100 meeting rooms across its entire estate, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council has selected Matrix Booking to manage meeting room bookings at its nine buildings plus the implementation of a visitor management system in some of its larger buildings.

The project will be delivered following agile methodology – a move that will see Matrix Booking delivered quickly to a small set of users, in a controlled manner, to allow the award-winning room booking software to go live very quickly. Once the new room booking solution is up and running, follow on phases will then deploy Matrix Booking to the rest of the Tameside estate, providing its 500 staff with a new streamlined approach to managing and booking meeting rooms. The follow on phases will also include the installation of visitor management kiosks plus full Active Directory integration and Single Sign-On.