Matrix Booking supports further expansion of Workplace Hubs at HMRC

Building on the success of the implementation and use of Matrix Booking at sites in Nottingham and Croydon, used by almost 5,000 staff, HMRC have decided to expand the use of Matrix Booking and roll out the award-winning software to the new HMRC Hubs located in Bristol, Belfast and Edinburgh.

The new shared HMRC Hubs will be utilised by other government departments, using the industry-leading ‘cross-organisational resource sharing’ product to share access to almost 100 meeting rooms while maintaining full data privacy and segregation. The implementations also feature digital room signage to both display and control bookings directly outside meeting rooms. These hubs have a very innovative mix of usage space blending traditional fully bookable areas with ‘approach and use’ type spaces to create a dynamic space that provides the ‘right resource for the right purpose’.

Following on from the Bristol Hub, Belfast will follow the same successful model featuring shared resources, flexible booking space and digital room signage when the building opens towards the end of 2019. These hubs reflect a huge change in working environments for staff and Matrix Booking is proud to be able to help in delivering this change along with the next group of hubs that will be joining the fold, in early 2010.