Matrix Booking supports agile working at Hachette

To provide logistical support for a Keytree implementation project based in Didcot, Oxfordshire for Hachette UK, the publishing company made the decision to deploy Matrix Booking to help manage meeting room and desk bookings for the duration of the project. The implementation of Matrix Booking was delivered rapidly, in less than one week, meeting the urgent needs of Hachette and the project support teams and was rolled back at the end of the project.

Matrix Booking implemented a hot-desking set up at four locations alongside a meeting room booking system to manage a broad range of project space, which was based in both existing buildings and also in temporary offices. Meeting rooms and desks are both bookable via Matrix Booking app, web or Outlook with every meeting room set up with interactive meeting room signage with little or no user training requirements.

The collaborative workspaces at Hachette were set up to facilitate agile teams from both Keytree and Hachette, and the seamless integration of Matrix Booking has provided access to people from multiple organisation, who can log in from separate accounts or organisations.