Goodstuff are an award-winning Media Design Agency based in Tottenham Court Road, London.

Goodstuff recently approached Matrix Booking with a requirement to help implement a new desk booking environment within their office, the goal of which was to help facilitate staff returning to the office but also to offer those staff a more flexible working approach in the future.


Through initial discussions and product overviews it was quickly established that not only was Matrix Booking the ideal solution to support this new desk booking environment, but the advanced functionality in the system would also help manage a range of other bookable resources available to staff.


Alongside the key initial requirement of desk booking through interactive office floor plans, Goodstuff extended the initial project scope to incorporate room bookings, and due to their central London location and to provide staff with an alternative to public transport, Bicycle Spaces are also available to be booked within the system.  The combination of bicycle spaces, desk and room bookings bookable through a single platform now provides staff with a streamlined method to fully plan their visit to, and time in, the office.

The Matrix Booking team are excited to be working with Goodstuff as their office environment continues to adapt and grow, and we look forward to supporting Goodstuff through this challenging but exciting period of change.