EDF Energy extend Matrix Booking to additional offices

Matrix Booking has extended its contract with existing customer, EDF, in addition to serving EDF’s training facility in Exeter, the leading smarter workspace management system will manage meeting room bookings for two buildings that accommodate EDF Renewables in the north of England.

EDF selected Matrix Booking for its EDF Renewables offices after the successful implementation of a visitor management solution at its training facility, ensuring that conference facilities and bedrooms could be easily managed in one place. Matrix Booking will both replace the existing room booking system at EDF Renewables, and provide the added value of integrated digital signage, via the visitor management feature of Matrix Booking, known as Matrix Welcome.


“The Matrix Booking suite has proven to be the ideal tool to help manage all of our resources including meeting rooms, accommodation and transport bookings.”

Sarah Hazeldine – EDF Energy Campus Business Manager

“Nothing says you’re doing a good job better than positive feedback from a customer and a request to expand the relationship. EDF are a hugely important customer and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our collaboration.”

James Woodhouse – Managing Director at Matrix Booking