Desk Booking at started the now common concept of an online comparison platform for car insurance way back in 2001.  This innovative development, strong brand position, and a name it is hard to forget has cemented as one of the most recognisable brands in the UK.

When needed a solution to support staff returning to the office, and working more flexibility, in their Headquarters in Cardiff a market evaluation process was conducted to identify a desk booking solution.  Various solutions were evaluated for not only functionality but the crucial aspect of usability, which identified Matrix Booking as the ideal solution to support the new way of working at

Key to project leaders at was the ability to ensure they are meeting COVID compliance by requesting staff complete a ‘COVID Declaration’ before they visit the office.  Matrix Booking’s new, innovative Declaration functionality, which helped to develop, was seen as the perfect solution.  Having booked a desk in Matrix Booking, staff automatically receive a Declaration to complete which is  day before their booking, which ensures that declaration they have agreed to is valid when they visit the office.  Administrators have a clear overview of the status of all declarations that have been sent to staff, both currently and historically.

Furthermore, communications tools in Matrix Booking such as the new Login Banner, help to ensure staff are aware of the guidelines they must follow during their time in the office. went live with Matrix Booking in December 2020, initially to offer staff that needed to be in the office a path to do so, but in the future to support staff working more flexibility in the office.

“We developed Matrix Booking to help organisations transform their workplace just as is aiming to do with it’s flexible working programme. We are thrilled to make Matrix Booking a part of their solution.”  Karl Breeze – CEO Matrix Booking