World class defence company BAE adopts Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking has agreed a deal with BAE Systems, a world leader in advanced defence technology products and services. Matrix Booking will be used to manage bookings for up to 50 meeting rooms at one of BAE’s Academies for Skills and Knowledge run by BAE Systems. Recognising both the efficiency and security of the Matrix Booking engine, BAE Systems selected Matrix Booking following a free trial offered on the Matrix Booking website.

Matrix Booking can be customised to suit the particular needs of an organisation or enterprise, but it is already packed with helpful features out of the box to take the pain out of resource management. Adding more rooms, or desks, vehicles, parking spaces – or any other required shared resource will be quick and easy to implement if and when required.


“We have worked long and hard on Matrix Booking to create an app that is easy to use with next to no training, and welcome any organisation to take the free trial so people can experience our intuitive and innovative software solution. We have found that once customers experience the simplicity, security and ease of implementation of Matrix Booking they are eager to take the next step.”

James Woodhouse – Managing Director at Matrix Booking