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Meeting room, desk booking software, and visitor management applications with the latest digital touch screen technology

Matrix Welcome is a an award-winning suite of digital signage, display and visitor management applications. Our workplace booking system focuses on providing an excellent user experience. Our applications make it quick and easy for businesses to find and book resources, as well as creating a lasting impression on visitors to your office.

Resource booking system and visitor management apps

The intuitively designed signage apps allow users to view details of individual or multiple resources, such as meeting rooms and hot desks. The apps can be displayed on any device from small desk mounted screens ideal for hot-desking, to larger floor standing kiosks to manage a suite of meeting rooms and office space.

The signage apps enable users to:

  • Search for resources and make bookings instantly
  • Check-in and check-out of a room or desk
  • End bookings early to free up resources for others
  • View current and future bookings
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Floorplan kiosk applications

The Matrix Booking floorplan kiosk app is essential for businesses that want to create and manage a truly flexible workplace environment. Integration with occupancy sensors provides users with advanced search and resource booking capabilities, enabling them to:

  • Quickly locate and book available desks, rooms and collaboration spaces
  • Quickly locate colleagues within the building
  • View real-time availability when utilised with occupancy sensors
  • View resource locations via virtual floorplan views
  • Use anonymous or authenticated login for enhanced security and auditability

Visitor management applications

The Matrix Booking visitor management apps create a fantastic first impression for your visitors, and helps to streamline your meeting room management and front of house functions. We treat your visitors as an important user of our system. We always aim to ensure that users of our system have an excellent experience from invitation to check-out by providing:

  • A unified system to book rooms, invite internal and external attendees, order catering and reserve a parking space
  • Automatic notification to visitors, reception, security and other service providers
  • Branded meeting invitations and associated information are automatically emailed to the visitor including an optional secure self-check-in code
  • On arrival, visitors can choose to use the self-service kiosks or check-in at reception

Our visitor management applications are invaluable for all businesses ranging from small enterprises with under 30 employees to global enterprises with over 2,500 employees.

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Hardware: Your choice and your savings

The Matrix Booking apps are built to run on non-proprietary hardware, which means that you can choose your preferred device to run our resource booking software. This approach not only allows us to utilise all the new iOS and Android features as they are released, but it also means our customers can select, procure and maintain the signage solution that best suits their requirements. Organisations have total control over the hardware and associated maintenance options they select, including:

  • Device and enclosure type
  • Mounting and deployment options
  • Size, colour and branding
  • Maintenance and support arrangements e.g. current FM/IT provider
  • Procurement route/framework e.g. Government Hardware Frameworks

All of these features help our customers save money and increase their workplace management system effectiveness whilst also allowing them to leverage their current hardware contracts and providers.

If you are interested in experiencing our seamless resource booking system and visitor management applications, try our free trial today or get in touch. Our team will be excited to discuss with you the services we offer.