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Meeting room, desk and resource booking software – making your office a smart office

Open and secure. Mobile first. Software as a service. The best at what we do, connecting to the best of the rest, for a leading meeting room, desk and resource booking software solution.

Connected FM

Matrix Booking has been specifically architected to be both open and secure. That means we can connect to similar organisations who share our values and offer our customers unbeatable value.

Matrix Connect is our integration engine. Designed by Keytree Labs specifically to enable our customers to connect their critical business systems to Matrix Booking, including the ability to securely connect:

  • Active directory systems for secure user management
  • MS Outlook and Gmail applications
  • Finance systems for cost code validation and invoicing
  • Access management systems for secure, auditable access
  • ANPR systems for advanced host notification and visitor service
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Collaboration hubs Matrix Booking

Secure user & resource management

Matrix Booking enables secure resource management globally for large private and public sector organisations. Efficient, secure user management is a key component of the dynamic requirements of meeting room, desk and resource booking software in the modern workplace. Built using the many years of Keytree Labs research we are now proud to provide:

  • IS027001 accredited services
  • Single sign-on via multiple active directory instances
  • Secure 3rd party access for trusted service providers
  • Robust IoT integration to enable smart building control

MS Outlook Integration

Matrix Connect provides a powerful MS Outlook add-in which, in addition to enabling users to check colleagues calendars, provides all the rich functionality of the Matrix web and mobile applications, including:

  • Book rooms, desks or other resources in single or multiple locations
  • Book video conference services
  • Invite internal colleagues and external visitors to the meeting
  • Attach meeting notes and documents (note all attachments remain within the client exchange system)
  • Request catering
  • Request FM services, including room layouts
  • Request IT services
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