Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking is a mobile first, multi-channel resource booking engine enabling the user to manage multiple resources including rooms and desks. Built on HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), this award winning application supports all major browsers and mobile formats. Matrix Booking is a proven technology which has already enabled multiple blue chip companies to maximise efficiency of their resources.

Matrix Booking is a subscription-based product with a flexible pricing structure – you only pay for what you use.

Matrix Booking is the only true, mobile first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) resource booking system, providing real-time information on available resources from any location. The open architecture allows for easy, secure integration into mail systems including MS Outlook, Gmail and all the main ERPs.

Matrix Booking contains an in-built system that sends alerts to any mobile device, informing the available resources. The app allows the user to book resources on the move and can be applied to any resource in the working environment.

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Key features

The Matrix Booking engine consists of multiple applications:

  • Matrix Booking – Web Application with self-serve registration and configuration
  • Matrix Mobile – Intuitive mobile app allowing users to book anytime, anywhere
  • Matrix Detect & Nearby – Sensors that monitor the use of all desk space in your estate in conjunction with location-aware software, enabling users to find the closest available resources
  • Matrix Connect – Secure connections to office and security access systems
  • Secure Active Directory integration and NFC enables integration to access card systems
  • Integrated digital signage and kiosks for real-time resource updates
  • Flexible SaaS model available across desktop, tablet and mobile
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Why choose Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking combines an unbeatable level of user experience with a streamlined design, meaning little to no user training required.

Matrix Booking utilises a cloud-based system, providing robust architecture. The software connects seamlessly to all major formats, supporting all operating systems allowing connection to your messaging platform and corporate address book. The Matrix Booking engine provides unbeatable flexibility enabling you to pay only for what you use.

If an organisation has a 1,000-user licence, but only 500 staff download and use the engine, that organisation is only charged for those 500 users. Organisations can increase or decrease capacity with speed and ease at no extra cost.

Matrix Booking provides accurate, real-time reporting of all available resources in any required format. Matrix Booking improves your company’s management and use of its resources.