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Fully accessible resource booking software

Matrix Assist is a state-of-the-art, innovative, voice controlled system, enabling users to manage resources ‘hands-free’ through verbal commands, providing a fully accessible resource booking software solution. The advanced speech processing technology works in conjunction with the Amazon Echo, used by millions globally and Matrix Assist uses the Matrix API to interface with the Amazon Lex system seamlessly. Matrix Assist provides a fully accessible resource booking software solution.

Ask! No keyboard required

Matrix Assist users can access a wide range of functionality and reports by simply asking the device a question – “Alexa ask Matrix Booking to run the occupancy report for next week.”

  • Runs on affordable, accessible technology which is used and available globally
  • Requires zero training
  • Full screen display providing voice activated signage
  • Enables users with visual and physical impairments to access the full range of functionality
  • Can be linked to auxiliary services with similar skill sets
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Resource and personal assistant

When used as a resource-based assistant, Matrix Assist acts on behalf of the resource it’s associated with – this can be an entire estate, building or single room or desk. All users interacting with the device can ask it to affect bookings and the environment of that resource.

When used as a personal assistant, Matrix Assist acts on behalf of the user who can then ask the system to search, book and cancel resource bookings as well as running more personalised searches including upcoming reservations or their agenda for the day.

Accessibility with Matrix Assist

Accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with or by people with disabilities and by using Matrix Assist – those obstacles are removed. The meticulous design and development of the Matrix suite of products ensure equal access to all, through unique features including:

  • Hands-free voice control
  • Graphic designs that ensure support for colour vision deficiencies
  • Support for industry standard screen readers
  • Open API to allow links to accessibility products
  • Careful alt text for images and labelling forms
  • Use of Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) roles, alerts and landmarks
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