Like it or not, the modern workplace is anywhere that a mobile device can obtain a signal – at home, on the move, as well as in the office. When a business embraces the reality and possibilities of this innovative, flexible workplace, new challenges can replace old ones. Advantages afforded by allowing employees the freedom to work when and where they are most productive can result in difficulties with basic communication between staff, blockages in collaborative working and the lack of opportunity to develop the deeper connections that matter for team building.

However, the risk of changing nothing is greater than the risk of innovating and embracing the future. If your workplace management system is inefficient, then time wasted solving unnecessary problems for all staff involved significantly impacts their productivity, resulting in frustration, which will then impact their motivation and creativity.

Workplace management for the modern business

In modern business, allowing staff to access workplace resources directly from a mobile app is critical. If staff can’t communicate effectively with their team from wherever they are, if they can’t coordinate the human, physical and IT resources to move work forward without being at a computer, unnecessary delays will occur, and frustration will build.

Technology has given us the keys to escape the cage of the old world business day when everyone had to spend one or two hours dealing with rush hour traffic and nothing could be done before 9am or after 5pm. So resilient are old habits, that many companies are still locked in that cage.

Matrix Booking offers a more effective ‘mobile first’ solution than ever before, to operate a more flexible workspace, with innovative features that address the problems first experienced by the earliest adopters.

An attractive workplace for staff and visitors utilises modern technology to create an easily manageable estate. A major reason a business has a high staff turnover rate is due to insufficient staff management procedures, according to Forbes. The cost of a high employee turnover rate is substantial causing delays in workflow alongside potential financial consequences. Matrix Booking offers an ideal workplace management solution to support a business in providing effective booking and visitor management systems for the workforce.

Central to Matrix Booking is the meeting room and desk booking function that gives staff easy control over the space they need to be their most productive. Easy and quick to implement throughout your organisation, with minimal training, Matrix Booking enables your teams to find the space they need to work, access the required resources and collaborate effectively.

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The advantages of mobile first

The advantages of a workplace management app have been demonstrated by multiple pieces of research, which show that businesses enabled by apps that enhance their workforce user experience see increases in productivity, increased motivation, greater creativity, satisfaction and company loyalty. While working remotely can affect opportunities for team building, research also shows that mobile use of intercompany chat functions can help improve employee relationships. Matrix Booking has been designed to integrate with whichever communications tools your company prefers.

Like many organisations, when the UK’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) modernised its operations and introduced a more flexible working system – in part to motivate staff – the implementation ran into a common problem for organisations wanting to make these kinds of changes. The problem was that not all of the 5,000 plus employees had living situations that enabled them to work from home, so the new system did not bring them the benefit of freedom from a long, inefficient commute. By creating Commuter Hubs – desks and meeting rooms based at locations convenient to a person’s house, the MoJ empowered all staff to work close to home if they were unable to work at home.

By using Matrix Booking to manage the use of those hubs, the new system has been a huge success, especially with the added benefit of Matrix Detect & Nearby, a feature that allows real-time monitoring of occupancy. Using Matrix Detect & Nearby, the MoJ can also look at advanced historical occupancy analysis to predict future needs from its Commuter Hubs.

Try our Workplace Management System

Finding out if Matrix Booking could work for your organisation is as easy as downloading it from iTunes or the App Store and using it. With a risk-free trial, you can experience first-hand this smarter workplace resource booking system. See for yourself how easy it is to implement and how quickly it can benefit your organisation.

If you need any help or have any questions, email or use the live chat on the Matrix Booking website. Otherwise just enjoy the increased productivity, creativity and overall motivation of your team.