What is a Meeting Room Booking System?

Meetings are a core part of every business model to keep employees updated with the latest goals, achievements and targets of a company. Regardless of how much thought has gone into it, if your company invites employees to make use of shared meeting spaces like conference rooms, it will have a meeting room booking system. If you just have a shared calendar to coordinate who has a meeting in which room and when – then that’s your meeting room booking system. If boardroom sharing is coordinated on a whiteboard somewhere in the office, then that’s another type of meeting room booking system. Even if your company has created no formal process at all, a meeting room booking system will have evolved out of necessity and staff will be trained in it by word of mouth.

Room Booking Systems & Workplace Efficiency

How efficient is your meeting room booking solution? None of the above examples are particularly efficient, and while a shared calendar is far better than the law of the jungle – its main focus is managing your time. What’s needed when you want to quickly find available meeting space for a team scrum, sales call or one-on-one meeting, particularly if your company has a lot of different meeting spaces to choose from, is software focussed on managing your meeting spaces. Preferably a cloud-based management system that can be accessed from anywhere on a mobile device or a computer.

Meeting Room Booking Software

Workplace booking software offers businesses modern and innovative solutions to managing your workforce. These systems are multi-purpose offering meeting room bookings as well as appointment scheduling software, visitor management features, and resource booking solutions spanning across a range of products. From a user’s point of view, the basic functions of a meeting room booking system are simple: find available rooms, book for a specific date and time, view current bookings and cancel any if necessary.

This simple, streamlined booking procedure prevents double-bookings and unused meeting rooms whilst increasing communication across your office. Specialised workplace software, such as Matrix Booking, has been developed to allow additional functions – it even allows users to include with their booking requests for facilities management services, such as catering or AV equipment. Therefore, a modern room booking solution requires the right combination of simplicity and sophistication and remains easy to use with added functionality. The multi-functionality of the system can save costs for businesses who use e-invite or visitor sign-in software separate from their room booking or appointment scheduling systems.

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What are the benefits of Room Scheduling Software?

Improve time management

There are many benefits to cloud-based room booking software, like Matrix Booking. Most obviously, the convenience of being able to book rooms from anywhere at any time, plus the reduction in effort and parties required to make room bookings. Facilities management can then focus on fixing the broken plasma screen in the conference room instead of coordinating who wants to use it next. All of the management work that goes into governing the specific circumstances in which meeting rooms are used can be automated, saving time and arguments. For example, restrictions, such as the maximum length of a meeting, can be set by administrators and thereafter managed by the software. Perhaps less obvious, the positive impact on motivation, productivity and creativity seen by providing staff with up to date tools for their jobs, including workplace management systems, has been proven by research.

Managing a modern workplace means facilities management having easy access to information about who is using which rooms and when with dynamic displays outside rooms communicating who is using them now and for the rest of the day. It means being able to generate reports on room utilisation over time, assisting in the forecasting of accommodation needs, as well as knowing whether or not sufficient value is being drawn from high-cost resources. Modern workplace management goes beyond the sharing of rooms to the sharing of desks. In many modern organisations, desks are like airport gates. As there are more planes in the sky than there are gates on the ground, there are more workers in the field or at home than there are workstations available in the office. The only way to manage this problem, and prevent more staff from turning up to the office than there is available accommodation, is with a desk booking solution. This is why Matrix Booking combines a room and desk booking solution in one easy to use interface.

Reduce Facilities Management costs

An innovative room booking software combines bookings, cancellations, invites and resource management features into one effective workplace system. The multiple abilities of the booking software operate effectively to allow staff who organise schedules or take time out of their routine to organise meeting rooms, to utilise their skills to contribute on the fundamental tasks of your business. Calculating the hours wasted on admin tasks can amount to hundreds upon thousands every month for a business – it is essential for every facilities management team to reduce this loss of time and resulting spend.

To reduce spending, a clever meeting room booking system will integrate several separate software applications into one effective solution. Many businesses currently use a room management software, collaborative hub, e-invite system and visitor management system with separate billings. The Matrix Booking system offers a great example of how intelligent software integrates these functionalities into one system, and therefore one company spend. The software provides a hub for all resource management from car parking to appointment scheduling. To offer modern room booking solutions, the software can also be accessed and used by staff via a mobile app whether you are in the office or travelling to a client meeting.

Effortless transition to Smarter Workplace Systems

A meeting room system worth your investment should be simple to use and quick to roll out amongst your staff without additional training expenses. Matrix Booking has been developed with user experience at its heart. No training is required for its use and the system is accessible to all – utilising voice technology to respond to vocal demands on request. A room booking solution can work seamlessly with ‘traditional’ platforms used in a workplace if developed with care. This approach will support your workforce to transition into using new room booking software as it does not require the burden of also changing over to new platforms for other tasks. Instead, the software operates effortlessly alongside major applications and platforms used across workplaces worldwide. These platforms include:

  • Web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari or Firefox)
  • Native iOS or Android mobile applications
  • MS Outlook (with Google Gmail support coming soon)
  • Floorplan Kiosk Apps
  • Voice control devices

Discover the range of solutions that room booking software can offer your office or estate.

Proven results – Staffordshire County Council case study

Staffordshire County Council (SSC) recently implemented what they called their ‘Smart Working’ strategy, a workplace modernisation initiative which aims to embed digital systems at the heart of everything it does – to get the best out of all resources. In pursuit of this goal, at its ‘Castle House Hub’ in Newcastle-under-Lyme, SSC chose to retain Matrix Booking to install the software for use by three different organisations sharing the space.

The initial solution covered bookings for 25 meeting rooms at the Castle House Hub and as Pamela Moffat, Senior Organisational Development Business Partner at SSC explains: “I anticipated a period of steep learning, with queries and questions galore, but in reality, it couldn’t have been simpler. From day one, colleagues were able to go into the system and book desks. It has been a critical factor in positive culture change here at SSC.” So successful was Matrix Booking for room and desk booking at SSC, its use has been expanded to cover car parking space bookings too.

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Discovering for yourself how simple Matrix Booking is to set up and use, in a no cost, risk-free trial is also extremely easy. The system can be set up with minimal configuration effort for you to try in your organisation, or part of it. As SSC learned, Matrix Booking has been designed to need no training to set up and quickly get to work for you, but if you need any help at all, the Matrix Booking team will be very happy to assist, by phone, email or via the live chat feature on the Matrix Booking website.

Sometimes it is better to see the benefits for yourself – you can gather feedback from staff and experience first-hand how room booking systems support the operations of your company. Try out a non-obligatory free trial of Matrix Booking or contact our global offices today to reap the benefits of smarter workplace systems.