Implementing a visitor management system into any public or private organisation will instantly streamline and improve reception and security processes but more importantly – the implementation will also provide visitors, to any office or building, with greatly improved visitor experience. But visitor management offers much more than giving guests a bespoke, pain-free experience – it comes with a range of efficiencies and cost savings and can also help enhance your brand.

Embedding a new solution into any existing facilities management infrastructure will throw up challenges but introducing the Matrix Booking Visitor Management Module into your organisation’s facilities management solution is a straight forward process. The Module uses the same interface as Matrix Booking, so for existing clients, there are no further training requirements for staff, and new clients have the option to deploy as a standalone solution.

Brand perception and creating a positive first impression

The Matrix Booking Visitor Management System provides a simple, seamless experience for visitors, hosts and front of house staff. The wide choice of web, desktop and kiosk applications enable any business to tailor the solution to meet the needs of their visitors. From invitation through to arrival and final departure – the software guarantees an excellent user experience. The integrated service can be deployed as a reception only solution or as a fully integrated part of the Matrix Booking Suite – encompassing automated flow of visitor details from the time of booking right through until your visitor is securely checked out.

A first impression can never be edited or altered in any way – it will always remain, so making this moment count with all visitors is a fantastic way to reinforce a brand at a relatively small cost. Visitors arriving at, say a technology specialist, who are faced with queueing up to sign-in to a paper logbook will not experience what the company is all about – it gives the wrong first impression. A technology company will benefit from showcasing their modern and innovative capabilities through their own workplace. Companies invest a great deal of time and effort into their brand in order to influence how they are perceived by others, spending more than 10% of their annual revenue marketing their brand, according to Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2018/19. The research also predicts that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed expect this to increase in 2019.

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Changing the face of reception and reducing costs

On average it can take up to three minutes to sign in a single guest, therefore processing 50 visitors each day equals two-and-a-half hours of work and effort. Over a working week, more than 10 hours are lost – time that could be spent by staff working on other business critical operations. Apply the same calculation for organisations that accommodate 100’s of daily visitors, and an entire team of staff is needed to process what can be achieved via a visitor management solution – while at the same time reducing any potential bottleneck of people congregated in reception areas. The solution will dramatically reduce the time spent by reception staff processing visitors.

As an industry first, Matrix Booking has designed an open and secure network that enables multiple organisations and systems to enjoy rich integrated visitor management functionality via a single integrated system. The ability to automatically communicate external attendee’s details to the reception guarantees an excellent personalised visitor experience coupled with a secure check-in and audit process for reception and security staff.

The implementation of the Matrix Booking Workplace System across the eight organisations at the government flagship hub located at 10 South Colonnade in Canary Wharf has meant a reduction of queuing time for the 1,000+ civil servants and external visitors received daily. In addition to the clear benefits of this real-time process, it also reduces a large number of paper-based sign-in sheets needed at the reception desk by replacing eight different guest books with one single system. Even more importantly, the system also helps to ensure that visitor sign-in details are stored securely within Matrix Booking, rather than on display ensuring that a workplace is fully GDPR compliant.

Visitor management from Matrix Booking will provide any organisation with a broad range of benefits such as reducing administration costs and creating new efficiencies for staff managing reception. The solution will also replace manual sign-in procedures to reduce data entry plus the automation of issuing visitor badges and notifying hosts. With permission, organisations can also store visitor details, to ensure any follow-up visits are processed even quicker.

The workplace booking and management system is ideal for businesses of any scale to build their brand into a modern, cost-efficient workplace that has multiple functionality features for the ease of staff and visitors. To discover the full extent of how supportive the workplace management system is for businesses across the globe, try our free trial experience that gives you the full benefits of Matrix Booking.