What is Visitor Management software?

There are two vital things every business with premises needs to think about in respect of managing their visitors. One is laying out the welcome mat and the other is keeping the premises secure. What makes achieving these two objectives most challenging is that some of the things you might want to do to achieve one of them could conflict with your efforts to meet the other. Typically, therefore, human management of these concerns has been divided between receptionists whose job it is to provide a warm greeting and security staff who ensure they know who has entered the building.

However, now software is taking over the job of visitor management, and it is simultaneously helping to offer a friendly reception, even before a visitor has turned up, by generating a welcome email, then making the check-in process quick and easy, all the while helping to maintain security by keeping easily searchable security records of who has visited, who is currently visiting and who will be visiting soon.

What businesses use Visitor Management Software?

It’s wise for any organisation with premises to have some kind of visitor management system, to keep track of traffic in and out of the building. Unless you’re a small business occupying a studio space, where if you have a visitor you can see where they are throughout their visit, it’s good practice to at least keep a register of visitors at reception. However, paper records are error-prone and cumbersome to review, so businesses with a lot of visitors to keep track of, or premises large enough for visitors to get lost in, will benefit from turning to visitor management software to shoulder most of the burden of the company visitors procedure.

Receptionist and security staff still play an important role in creating a good impression on visitors and maintaining security, but providing a swift, smooth, professional check-in, orientation and checkout for visitors can now be automated – making these necessary processes more cost-effective and benefiting the business in a variety of ways. Visitor management systems support staff in improving their services as they are provided with software that offers streamlined processes.

What varieties of Visitor Management software are there?

Visitor management software comes in many flavours. Some applications can only be used on the computer where they are installed, while some software is accessible via the web on any computer – you might see this described as visitor management Software as a Service (SaaS). Most SaaS apps are accessible on any device connected to the internet, but the best visitor management software to use on mobile devices is software that was designed for mobile devices first, then made accessible to internet browsers. Needless to say, web-based visitor management software, which offers a great user experience on mobile devices, offers the most flexibility and value for its users.

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The benefits of Visitor Management software

Imagine you’re a first time visitor to a business, particularly one where you know security will be tight but before your visit, you are sent an email giving you directions and orientation information for your visit. You can now rest assured that on arrival you aren’t going to meet with confusion or suspicion at reception and waste ten minutes while several people anxiously try to confirm that the person you are visiting works there and is expecting you.

Upon introducing yourself to reception you’re given a tablet or you’re directed to a kiosk where you use a simple app to sign in and print a visitor badge. It’s all very quick and easy and makes a great first impression of a company with a modern workplace management system, operating with cutting edge tech, that you can trust to solve the problem you either have or came to help solve.

Now it’s your second or third visit to the same business, and you’re familiar with the sign-in process. You don’t need to wait for the receptionist to finish with the person they are talking to, you can grab the tablet, sign yourself in, collect your badge and get to your meeting faster. Everyone in that situation is happier than if you’d had to wait for the receptionist or interrupt them.

The process is streamlined so everyone can do something more valuable with their time, especially the receptionist for whom this could happen many times a day. Meanwhile, facilities management and security are automatically informed of the arrival of visitors and they can access, from anywhere, a live view of who is in the building at any given time. This means they can spend less time keeping track of visitors and more time making sure the facilities they need for their visit are in good working order.

The range of features management software provides can support both your facilities processes and visitors’ experience. To break it down, the best workplace visitor software should offer:

  • An integrated system where staff can book meeting rooms, car parking and resources for visitor meetups
  • Invite internal and external attendees
  • Self check-in and out via a tablet or kiosk
  • Extra features, views and functions for reception staff
  • An automatic notification system and access to visitor activity for reception and security
  • A live view or mapping of the commercial building
  • Display Arrivals Screen to support visitor navigation
  • Branding options to add a company logo

Visitor Management mobile apps

The advantage of mobile visitor management apps is they offer far greater freedom for keeping yourself and others up to date about visitor arrivals and departures, even when computers are unavailable or you’re out of office. If you are receiving a visitor and notifications can only be delivered to your computer, you’re restricted in the ways that you can coordinate visits and meetings. A lot of the time if you’re receiving a visitor you can wait for them at your desk, where your computer will provide you with a notification of their arrival, but there are a myriad of scenarios where you may not want or be able to wait at your desk. For example, a project review meeting is scheduled and the meeting papers need some last-minute inserts, and you can’t arrange that at your desk, but you need to know as soon as a visitor for that meeting has arrived. If you can receive notification of your visitor’s arrival on your mobile wherever you are, your hands are untied.

Mobile first features have now been integrated into workplace management software to provide accessible and modern solutions to common facility processes which improve the time and cost efficiency of businesses worldwide.

Features of Matrix Booking

Matrix Booking has one of the best visitor management systems available built into its innovative room booking engine. Simply booking the space for a meeting in the app will automatically take care of visitor management requirements. Welcome and orientation emails will be automatically sent to visitors, reception, facilities management and security will be informed. Matrix Booking integrates seamlessly with other software packages and workplace management systems, including Active Directory and Outlook.

The application is easily scalable for large enterprises – it currently handles tens of thousands of bookings for several organisations, and the team behind it regularly collaborates with new clients to enhance its functionality to meet the needs of their particular circumstances.

Because Matrix Booking was designed for the mobile user first, and with a firm commitment to creating a great user experience, it can be picked up quickly with no training. It functions just as smoothly via the Matrix Booking website from the major internet browsers.

Use of Matrix Booking with floorplan kiosk apps, voice control, signage and visitor label printing devices is not essential to benefit from its visitor management capabilities, but the app has been developed for use with all of this technology, as well as sensor systems that enable ‘proximity check-in,’ which reduces the friction of your visitor management even further.

Matrix Booking software is easy to try because it is cloud-based and there is no installation software required. A 14-day free trial is available and you can set it up independently, without feeling any pressure from a sales department, to see how it works for you.

Of course, the Matrix Booking team will be happy to help with any questions you have during or after the trial. Just email info@matrixbooking.com or speak to an adviser using the live chat service on the Matrix Booking website.