Across all sectors, resource booking software helps reduce total cost of ownership and by switching to a cloud-based model, increases the ability for businesses to reinvest money saved.

We previously reviewed in an earlier blog how the Matrix Booking Engine saves money for Public Sector and Local Government customers through property and estate consolidation. But deploying cloud-based resource booking software can have significant strategic implications – including the ability to reallocate resources, reduce future spend on hardware, IT staff and achieve digital economies of scale through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

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Time saved is money earned

Business professionals in Europe and the US spend approximately five hours each week arranging and re-arranging meetings and conference calls, according to a study from Doodle. By reducing time spent processing these tasks, organisations can reassign these wasted hours of employee time to more proactive and beneficial work – saving time and money.

A cloud-based resource booking system improves resource utilisation by its ease of use and increased system flexibility, all of which derive from the digital management of resources. Optimising resource utilisation means you get the most value out of your assets and leads to reduced spend on future assets. Matrix Booking provides an exceptional user experience and greatly reduces mismanaged bookings compared to other resource booking software in the marketplace.

Cost & value

The Matrix Booking Engine’s SaaS model means that you achieve cost-value benefits from the flexible model:

  • Pay for what you use – whether your organisation requires a company-wide rollout or to use Matrix Booking in a strategic location organisations pay for what they use. Our solution is scalable to your business needs. A luxury car manufacturer uses Matrix Booking each year on a ‘pop-up’ basis to manage operations and logistics at the Farnborough Air Show.
  • Multitenant architecture – individual groups of Matrix Booking users can all share common access privileges to the software, although each customer receives robust security.
  • Developed and managed by Matrix Booking Team – plain and simple. Customers do not need additional IT resource to utilise Matrix Booking, providing a huge cost saving.
  • Innovation included – the Matrix Booking team continually innovate to ensure that your engine is always up to date, and every customer receives every update to the software.
  • Digital Economies of Scale – total cost of ownership decreases from the digitalisation of your assets. Direct costs associated with your resources diminish based on the fewer hours and resources used managing physical assets and resources. Digitised resources offer more value by providing advanced usage analytics, which helps inform future decision making.

Improving productivity & reallocating resources

Increase Productivity – The deployment of cloud software such as Matrix Booking follows the agile delivery method; company-wide installations can happen in a matter of hours versus weeks or months. Employees spend less time waiting for the implementation and realise the benefits of Matrix Booking immediately. The Matrix Booking engine supports telecommuting policies and flexible working enterprises through intuitive mobile and web applications.

Reduce Labour/Maintenance Costs – Eliminating routine system maintenance frees up resources so the IT department can focus on mission-critical developments and initiatives. In some cases, for lean-thinking companies, this could even translate into a reduction in payroll.

Optimise Resource Utilisation – Optimising the utilisation of resources translates into the consolidation or reallocation resources. Some of our local government customers were able to realise meeting room and property consolidation by collaborating with other local government departments on shared resources. Property consolidation translates into significant cost-savings, and the data reflects that resource utilisation has improved drastically.

Resource booking tools are labelled as “high-growth” according to the Integrated Workplace Management Systems report by Gartner, and the sector is fuelled by a desire to save money and optimise resources throughout an organisation. An investment in Matrix Booking always proves to be a valuable investment for an organisation and the productivity of employees.